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Humble Imaginations






Humble Imaginations


Humble Imaginations


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She placed her cold hand on the glass, bringing it up to her lips, her emerald eyes looking out the glass window at the amount of Sato Mobiles cruising the dangerous streets. Republic City always had a threatening feel at night, and this evening was no exception. It's only past a week since Avatar Korra defeated Amon and destroyed his tyrannical Equalist idea. And also my father...

Her emerald eyes turned up to the man in front of her, who had been straightening his silly, polka-dotted, green bow-tie. She had only been invited to the restaurant because of her supposed "commendable" work she's been doing for Future Industries, but not many sales prices have been going up, and telling from this week, Future Industries might go bankrupt.

"So, Asami," Mr. Shou said, flashing her with his bright smile. "I've heard Future Industries' sales have been going a little low."

Shaking the glass, watching the red liquid swish, she let her eyes droop to the floor, ashamed. "I guess so," she replied. "What is your suggestion, Shou?"

"Well, I know you've been doing a great job and all--" Asami could tell he was lying from that glint in his green eyes. "But why don't you join Empirical Industries, eh?"

She's heard about the industry before. It was fairly new and hadn't been making sales lately. Maybe Shou had thought that maybe the rich girl might boom business. She wasn't going to let somebody take away what has been almost like her lifeline. All her life, she was dependent on Future Industries, even if the sales were growing lower by the day.

Biting her lip, she looked up at him with a rather indifferent look. "Although my father's a former Equalist, Future Industries is what gave me my home. And I can't give up on that."

Shou picked up his glass. "Well that's too bad, girl. I hope you reconsider."

Asami sprang up from her seat, watching as Shou left the restaurant from the back door. Shouldn't he use the front door? she thought, her grip on her pocket purse. Leaving, she noticed an Equalist glove on the street, the fingers of the glove crunched and broken.

She cringed from the sight. Although she had once used the weapon to stop the Equalists along with her friends, she couldn't believe those awful Equalists would create such a thing - especially for what they were using it for.

Walking off, her red velvet gown making swish sounds with her each step, she heard a noise come from the left of her.


There it was again.


Turning around, she saw a man come out from the shadows of the alley, a hammer at his side.

"You would've been a good business partner," a gruff voice said as he walked completely out of the dark, revealing his face. At that moment, Asami recognized him as Shou! "But I guess you have to pay the price."

The hammer crashed onto the pavement, spikes of earth coming up and growing by the number. Asami jumped, almost dropping her purse in the incident.

"With you by my side, I would've gotten some more money for my business," he huffed, sending another earthbending attack at the Sato girl, this time an earth funnel. Her black heels almost fell of her feet from the attack.

She was hopeless. Although she's been studying defense since she was a little girl, she was in a dress, and that could easily get ruined in a fight, and she had no weapons by her side.

But then something caught her eye. The broken Equalist glove!

Although it had been damaged, she knew it would still be able to shock people. She's tried it before. Although she hadn't told her friends that the glove that she once owned had been slightly damaged from their last mission, it still worked. As long as it had enough fuel, it was still very powerful.

"C'mon girly!" he yelled from the other side of the alley, bringing up his hammer for another strike.

Slipping the glove on her shaking hand, she used the weapon to burn the rock coming toward her. The man pinpointed his eyes at the weapon.

"That won't do ya any good, girl!" he howled, bringing up his hammer for another attack. But before his hammer hit the pavement, a shock went through his body, sending him towards the ground, hitting his head.

Shou gritted his teeth, his beefy hands digging into the concrete, lunging rocks at Asami. She tried to dodge them, making flips and ducks each moment, but there was no use. He was stronger than her.

Once he was fully recovered, he got up on his two feet, picking up his steel hammer and adjusted himself into an earthbending stance. As soon as she noticed the colossal rock coming towards her, she ducked under it, the rock almost hitting her head.

That was the last straw for the Sato girl. Running up to him, she used all of her glove's power, sending him flying towards the brick wall behind him. He was blinded by the dust cloud in front of his eyes. Suddenly, the collar of his suit was pulled up, and he soon saw the girl's angry emerald eyes. He swallowed.

"I'm sorry! It's just that my company's really poor and nobody will come and work for me!" he said, his lips quivering.

Without a word, she let go of the man's shirt, letting him fall to the ground. Silently, she walked off, letting a business card drop to the floor.

She smirked as she walked off, Equalist glove in hand.

"Uh... Mr. Lau Gan-Lan?" Shou looked at the man sitting on the leather chair. He'd been wearing green robes and a lime-green cap which signified that he was a Cabbage Corp member. He had a look of crazy in his grey eyes, and that's what made Shou even more uncomfortable.

"Yes?" Asked the man, adjusting his coat. Oddly, he had been surrounded by cabbages - real and not real. Some were made of gold, others were the real thing. Gee, this man sure loves cabbages. Shou leaned against one of the carts nearby, upset by the fact that all the chairs in the room were occupied. The cart toppled to the ground along with Shou, destroying many cabbages.

Lau slammed his palms on his wooden desk, tears welling up in his eyes. "NO! NOT MY CABBAGES!"

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