Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to A Divergent Avatar in the last hundred years.

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A Divergent Avatar
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Ponytar: The Last Marebender


The story takes place the dystopian city of Yu Dao in the United Republic where the society is divided neatly into five factions, each having a corresponding element. The story is slightly similar with the same conflict, but with more of an Avatar adaption feel to it.


Abnegation: is the faction that is home to Beatrice Prior. The faction valuing selflessness is mostly made up of non-benders or very few energybenders if lucky, although people who bend other elements do live in this faction (possibly transfers who did not partake in the chi swap as a result of the different benders). Their main color is gray as an attempt for them to forget about themselves along with everybody else.

Amity: is the faction that values peace and kindness and is mostly made up of airbenders due to their pacifistic nature, although airbenders who live in amity do not shave their heads nor do they wear the airbending tattoos, but rather they wear their hair long. They are the only faction to wear their element's traditional colors but because those are colors of happiness rather than their culture.

Candor: is the faction that values honesty above other virtues and is mostly made up of earthbenders. The members of Candor are proud and strong and see the truth in black and white, so those are the colors they wear rather than the traditional green of the Earth Kingdom and earthbending. They are known to be quite stubborn and rude. Most of the Candor can use seismic sense for truth-seeing instead of truth serum on divergents.

Dauntless: is the faction that values bravery the most and is mostly made up of firebenders. The main color of Dauntless is black rather than the red of traditional firebenders. The candor consider them the "cruelest faction of the five." Their faction transfers are mostly from candor or erudite but almost never amity due to their opposite nature.

Erudite: is the faction that values knowledge above all and particularly consists of waterbenders and some of its corrupt members are bloodbenders. Their major color is blue as a way to and they are enemies with the abnegation faction.


Avatar Beatrice "Tris" Prior: is the main protagonist of the series being born in Abnegation, a faction that usually consisted of non-benders or energybenders, just happens to be a firebender and the Avatar. She also happens to be divergent which in Tris's world is dangerous and could get her killed.

Caleb Prior: is Tris's older brother by around ten months or so and is a waterbender. He was born in Abnegation like his sister Beatrice but choose Erudite because he always had a thirst for knowledge and was always a waterbender. Unlike his sister he is not divergent and even betrays her.



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