A Day of Tears
A Day of Tears
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A Life of Death


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A Day of Tears is the prologue of the fanon, "A Life of Death", written by Azulazulazula. It was released on January 8, 2012.


Para, a young girl with a deadly illness, is on her death bed, and notes all that happens around her, and what her experiences are like.


March 30, 273 AG: My weakness consumes me. Today, I lye in my bed, pained by the heavy burden of death. I knew this day would come. I knew that eventually, this would happen. I knew that eventually, I'd be staring at the clock, wondering if this was the last time I'd see the change of an hour. It's 6:01. I thought I'd be dead by now. And yet I stare at the clock, my eyes filled with tears. My family surrounds me. My 46-year-old father, the hammer. He's always made sure I was disciplined well, and that I turned out to be a great young woman.

And in the seventeen years I've lived, his expectations have been met and exceeded.

Never before have I seen my father cry. But right now, he is a broken man, clutching my right hand. Tears are pouring down his face, and he's slapping his thigh, crying out (under his breath), "Man up!" Today, he brought me my favorite breakfast, lunch (where I got my favorite dessert, with what I thought would be my last meal), and dinner, where I got a larger version of my favorite food. I lay here, on my death bed, barely able to twist myself onto my back, in the greatest pain I've ever experienced. My pain makes the gift of life seem like a stab in the chest. I can barely feel my physical pain. Numbness has spread to every muscle of my body. It's the emotional toll that's making me so upset. It's the little things.

I think about how last night, I had the last dream I would ever have. And I can't even remember it. I recall how this may be the last time I see the pinkish-orange glow of a setting sun. The TV blaring at my side, I keep wondering I this is the last time I'll see that oh-so-funny Skunkbear-sitting agency commercial that I love so much. As the clock strikes 6:05, I know that the waxing gibbous moon peeking up just outside my window is the last one I'll ever see. I really hoped I'd live to see the next full moon; this one will be the second this month, a blue moon. Blue moons have always fascinated me, being a Waterbender and all. I'd hoped that I'd live to see the upcoming one-tomorrow night.

But no. Life is draining quickly from my body. I'm not sure if I'll even live to see the moon rise entirely above the horizon line. I can feel the power of the night enriching me, getting closer and closer. It's a feeling like no other. But it seems so distant in comparison with what's going on right now. My mother offers a faint smile at the end of my bed, giving me a gentle foot rub. Tears are flooding her eyes, running down her face. But in my final moments, she's determined to make me as comfortable as possible. I think my death will hit her the hardest. She's been the one I've talked to all my life. She's the one who always took my temperature when I was sick. As I recount such things, I just start sobbing. I can't bear to think of my mother after me. She'll be a wreck. I feel as if I might throw up knowing that I might never see her again.

If you're a good person, you'll live a long, fruitful life. And when your life, my precious daughter, comes to a close, you will enter the great, vast, incredible Spirit World. You'll meet all of your family and friends there, and you'll always be happy. You're such a good person, my darling. And you have an incredible life ahead of you.

My mom told me that when I was six years old. That was three days before I was diagnosed...with Internal Rate Of Heart Disorder, Better known as IROH Disorder. The great general of the Fire Nation, and savior to my nation, General Iroh, died of the disease at age 77. The doctors diagnosed him with it when he was 76; he died only three months later. Ever since, the doctors have searched for a cure, and for a cause. But so far, they've found none. They know only that the disease is a killer, and a swift killer. Any vigorous activity-even a short run-can kill you. You will die from it anyways. But some things can set it off more quickly than others.

Most people die of it in just a few months, maybe a year tops. I'm different. I've lived for 11 years. I've lived longer with this disease than any other person in the world. For years, doctors have tested me. I've basically become a science experiment. But I look like any other person with IROHD. I've just outlived them all. I've become an international sensation, a phenomenon, the world sees me as a brave fighter.

Many people say I'm immortal.

They're wrong. I've feared this day for 11 years. But I haven't truly understood it until this morning, when I woke up with a horrid chest pain and found myself almost paralyzed. My father rushed in when I called, accompanied by my mother. My boyfriend followed suit, making his way to my house as fast as possible.

And now, I sit here, surrounded by my mother, my father, my boyfriend (Kung), and my baby girl (Para). She's named for me, Para Kwang Shing. And right now, she rests on my stomach, sleeping and drooling all the while. When I look at her, I forget everything that's happening. I forget about my impending death. Then, I glance back at my boyfriend, and reality sets back in.

I don't have much time left. I can feel it. My heart is beating slower, and I'm getting lightheaded. The moon is fading away. My dear family, and I mean all of you, if you read this diary, I want you to know that none of is true. I love you all more than anything. Never forget it. Never forget me.

I know I'll never forget you.

Trivia and Author's Notes

  • Para is fascinated by the full moon, especially blue moons. This can be explained by her being a Waterbender, and her drawing power from the moon.
  • There is a television in Para's room. This story takes place in 273 AG, which is approximately equivalent to the time in our modern-day Earth.

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