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A Bird Could Love a Fish
A bird could love a fish, but where would they live?
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Aang's Iceberg Adventures


But Where Would They Live?


This is a series of Kataang one-shots, based in and around the series. If you're not a Kataang fan, don't read it. I don't need Zutara hate comments. o.o'

Here it is. Do you like it?

Alphabet Laugh Needs You

Hey, hey you! Do you have a favorite Kataang moment? Do you want me to write a chapter about it? Then either email it to me or post it on my talk page or in the comments.

Penguins and Flying Fish

After I finish writing ABCLAF, I'm going to start working on a miniseries about Katara and Aang's first date. And yes, it's going to tie in to Alphabet Laugh.


It's over. I'll be cleaning up this updates section in the days to come . . . but it's done.

We've been featured on the main page! I'm doing something right for once!

I'm also planning a sequel to this entitled A Matter of Principal, set about two years after the War. Katara is almost sixteen, and in the Water Tribes, that is the age at which the girl is supposed to marry. In the meantime, Aang must struggle with his inner values - is he a monk, adhering to the Air Temple ways, or is he the Last Airbender, wielding a duty to propagate his people? In the Fire Nation, Fire Lord Zuko faces legal issues; after having been married to Mai for nearly two years, she has yet to produce him an heir, and the Fire Sages conclude she is barren. However, the Fire Lord must have an heir, no matter what, even if it means voiding a marriage, something unheard of except in legal cases. On Kyoshi Island, Suki is angry at her newlywed husband for constantly leaving off on voyages to random places, as she wants him to settle down, but he says that that just isn't "him." Toph, crushed that Sokka married Suki, renounces all men and goes into hiding. With their relationships falling apart and a dangerous foe lurking, can the separated Gaang unite their differences and save the world again? Or this time, will love forge a new descent into madness and hate?

And speaking of new fanons. To add to A Matter of Principal and Mirror Images - my next "serious" works - a sarcastic humor fanon, somewhat akin to my blog but just a tad more serious, is in the works for summer. After giving the first chapter a test drive on - not the actual URL of the site, just a translation - I may or may decide to officially put it through. If I do decide to do it, it won't be until the end of Alphabet Laugh, and its current title is Saving the World, Except for Maths Homework and is an AU fanon about Avatar . . . in school. It's still set in the same world, with all the same plotlines, but the stories are much more localized (i.e. no traveling around the world) and put into a school-like setting. Yes, everything like the bending remains, and the backstories remain intact. I'll add some basic information shortly. Okay, adding the information now . . .

Yes, the fanon is a parody of the actual series. Yes, it has some small ties to my school. Yes, yes, yes, stop emailing me about it. You know who you are.

Zuko's ship, the Ursa, was destroyed in a freak accident at the South Pole; while Iroh has a new one made - also known as sitting on his rear end all day playing Pai Sho and drinking ginseng tea - Zuko is sent to an international boarding school called the Mu Baila Academy. Meanwhile, Katara, rebelling against her people, joins the school in order to finally master her Waterbending, and Sokka comes along eoth to protect her and to prepare for joining Hakoda's fleet. Aang, just awoken from his hundred-year stasis, is aware of the troubles with being the Avatar and proclaims himself a novice Waterbender whose tattoos just "seemed like a good idea at the time." Being a kid, he's sent to the boarding school as well. Toph and others will be added. Also, Meng appears.

More information on Saving the World coming soon. Yes, I officially am going to do this. It will be from Katara's POV, not from Aang's, I think. The plot summary for Year 1 is entirely finished. It will be set in high school. Zuko, at 16, will be a sophomore. Sokka, at 15, would have been a sophomore but was held back. At 14, Katara is a freshman, while Aang pretends to be two years older in order to also be a freshman. I dare you to correct me.

No, there will not you're joking right be no ATLAR references. AKA, yes, yes there will be.


Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: Love

Chapter Three: Light

Chapter Four: Dark

Chapter Five: Seeking Solace

Chapter Six: Break Away

Chapter Seven: Heaven

Chapter Eight: Innocence

Chapter Nine: Drive

Chapter Ten: Breathe Again

Chapter Eleven: Memory

Chapter Twelve: Insanity

Chapter Thirteen: Misfortune

Chapter Fourteen: Smile

Chapter Fifteen: Silence

Chapter Sixteen: Questioning

Chapter Seventeen: Blood

Chapter Eighteen: Rainbow

Chapter Nineteen: Gray

Chapter Twenty: Fortitude

Chapter Twenty-One: Vacation

Chapter Twenty-Two: Mother Nature

Chapter Twenty-Three: Cat

Chapter Twenty-Four: No Time

Chapter Twenty-Five: Troubles Lurking

Chapter Twenty-Six: Tears

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Foreign

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Sorrow

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Happiness

Chapter Thirty: Under the Rain

Chapter Thirty-One: Flowers

Chapter Thirty-Two: Night

Chapter Thirty-Three: Expectations

Chapter Thirty-Four: Stars

Chapter Thirty-Five: Hold My Hand

Chapter Thirty-Six: Precious Treasure

Chapter Thirty-Seven: Eyes

Chapter Thirty-Eight: Abandoned

Chapter Thirty-Nine: Dreams

Chapter Forty: Rated

Chapter Forty-One: Teamwork

Chapter Forty-Two: Standing Still

Chapter Forty-Three: Dying

Chapter Forty-Four: Two Roads

Chapter Forty-Five: Illusion

Chapter Forty-Six: Family

Chapter Forty-Seven: Creation

Chapter Forty-Eight: Childhood

Chapter Forty-Nine: Stripes

Chapter Fifty: Breaking the Rules

Chapter Fifty-One: Sport

Chapter Fifty-Two: Deep in Thought

Chapter Fifty-Three: Keeping a Secret

Chapter Fifty-Four: Tower

Chapter Fifty-Five: Waiting

Chapter Fifty-Six: Daanger Ahead

Chapter Fifty-Seven: Sacrifice

Chapter Fifty-Eight: Kick in the Head

Chapter Fifty-Nine: No Way Out

Chapter Sixty: Rejection

Chapter Sixty-One: Fairy Tale

Chapter Sixty-Two: Magic

Chapter Sixty-Three: Do Not Disturb

Chapter Sixty-Four: Multitasking

Chapter Sixty-Five: Horror

Chapter Sixty-Six: Traps

Chapter Sixty-Seven: Playing the Melody

Chapter Sixty-Eight: Hero

Chapter Sixty-Nine: Annoyance

Chapter Seventy: 67%

Chapter Seventy-One: Obsession

Chapter Seventy-Two: Mischief Managed

Chapter Seventy-Three: I Can't

Chapter Seventy-Four: Are You Challenging Me?

Chapter Seventy-Five: Mirror

Chapter Seventy-Six: Broken Pieces

Chapter Seventy-Seven: Test

Chapter Seventy-Eight: Drink

Chapter Seventy-Nine: Starvation

Chapter Eighty: Words

Chapter Eighty-One: Pen and Paper

Chapter Eighty-Two: Can You Hear Me?

Chapter Eighty-Three: Heal

Chapter Eighty-Four: Out Cold

Chapter Eighty-Five: Spiral

Chapter Eighty-Six: Seeing Red

Chapter Eighty-Seven: Food

Chapter Eighty-Eight: Pain

Chapter Eighty-Nine: Through the Fire

Chapter Ninety: Triangle

Chapter Ninety-One: Drowning

Chapter Ninety-Two: All That I Have

Chapter Ninety-Three: Give Up

Chapter Ninety-Four: Last Hope

Chapter Ninety-Five: Together

Chapter Ninety-Six: In the Storm

Chapter Ninety-Seven: Safety First

Chapter Ninety-Eight: Puzzle

Chapter Ninety-Nine: Solitude

Chapter One-Hundred: Relaxation

Chapter One-Hundred-One: And the Fish Could Love the Bird

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