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"Be careful when ye fight the monsters, lest ye become one."
— Tagline of A:TLAR Books One through Three.
Origin of firebending mural.png Zuko, something happened to A:TLAR in the last hundred years.
This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Revised is an AU storyline intended as the author's own interpretation of the original series, and a creative tribute to the original series.

Important factors to make note of are: This series has no intention of being a "rerun" of the original series. It has no intention of recreating the personalities of the original characters, it only shows the author's own interpretation of said characters. Comparison of this series to the original series is not advised. This series is approached as an alternate form of canon by the writer, and should be treated as such. The author has no belief that he could write the series better than the original writers could.

Caution: Avatar:The Last Airbender Revised is officially rated as 13+, due to mature material, thus making it potentially inappropriate for those under the age of 13.

Plot Overview of Book One: Water/Enlightenment

A:TLAR follows the unwilling hero Ain, who has been forced into the role of bringing peace to the world and ending the war that was started by the Fire Nation 100 years ago. Ain is the host of the Avatar, an ancient and powerful spirit that has grown bitter and is forcing Ain to be the hero the world needs. Ain travels with Kyasin, a young Waterbender and chieftess of the Southern Peak tribe, her younger brother Sakodi, a soldier in training, and Sai, a runaway and master Earthbender. Their current intention is to evade capture by Fire Nation soldiers, reach the Ice Citadel in the north so that Ain and Kyasin can train to master Waterbending, and liberate the lands that the Fire Nation has conquered. The allies that they have gathered as of now are: Zotu and Indo, formerly of the FN Royal Family, The Kyoshi Warriors, the Earthbenders of Obos, Bol, the Wulong people and the Freedom Fighters.

Seven chapters have been released so far: The Undesirable Destiny, The Journey Begins, Hell Hath No Fury, Revolution 1, The Mad Genius, The Runaway and The Winter Solstice, with chapter eight being currently in production.

The character articles will suffice as descriptors.

Protagonists: Ain, Kyasin, Sakodi, Zotu, Sai

Antagonists:Azul, Jiao, Warden Liruk, Hook, Jun, HyanTemujin, Khan

Supporting Characters: Gyansi,Bol, Indo, Jeong Jeong, the Memory Swamp Waterbenders, Bato, Rin, Teo, Mia, Ti Nai, Minor Characters

Spirits: Koh, Enma, Hei Bai

Plot Overview of Book Two: Earth/Atonement

Plot Overview of Book Three: Fire/Revolution


The geography of the Revised universe's setting is significantly different than that of the original series. The following locations are only in the Revised universe. There will be a description of each individual location within the world, as well as an explanation of how each location relates to those of the original series.

The Ice Citadel - A large compound where all of the remaining Waterbending masters live, surrounded by an immense wall of thick ice. (In relation to the original: the equivalent of the Northern Water Tribe)

The Avatar Temples - Holy sites that were spread across the Earth Kingdom and multiple islands, in which the Avatar monks resided, before the genocide of their people at the hands of the Fire Nation's military.

There are numerous Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation and Colonial cities to which the characters will refer over the course of the series, which have no parallels in the original series.

Ember and Cinder are the twin capital cities within the Fire Nation, akin to Ba Sing Se.

There are multiple archipelago that are present off the coast of the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation.

The forest that serves as the disputed borderline between the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Colonies is known as the Wulong Forest, as a nod to the setting of Aang and Ozai's final battle in the original series.

Theme Songs

A unique aspect of the series is the use of theme songs for each chapter, as well as the major characters. There will be a separate theme song for each of the sixty Book 1-3 chapters, while there will be a single theme song for the entirety of Book 4. Major characters will have theme song shifts to represent extremely effective character developments.

Character Themes

Ain: Michael Jackson's 'Man in the Mirror.'

Kyasin -

Sakodi -

Zotu - Book 1-2: 'Bartholomew,' by The Silent Comedy.

Sai - Book 1: 'Bad Reputation,' by Joan Jett. Book 2:

Azul -

Bol - People Are Strange

Indo - 'Leaves on the Vine'

Chapter Themes

Book One

The Undesirable Destiny: 'Break on Through,' by The Doors.

The Journey Begins: 'The Unknown Soldier,' by The Doors.

Hell Hath No Fury: 'Love is a Battlefield,' Pat Benatar

'Revolution 1,' by The Beatles

The Mad Genius: 'People Are Strange,' by The Doors.

The Runaway: Bad Reputation

The Winter Solstice: 'Iridescent,' by Linkin Park.

The Freedom Fighter:

The Brimstone Privateers:

Book Two

Bitter Work: 'A Hard Day's Night,' by The Beatles.

The Hunt: 'Riders on the Storm,' by The Doors.

Book Three

The Eclipse, Part One: A Haunted Mind: 'Mad World,' performed by Gary Jules.

The Eclipse, Part Two: The Invasion: 'Viva la Vida,' by Coldplay.


Please direct all questions on the series to LB when he's on IRC or A:TLAR Q & A A:TLAR Q & A.

"You are really good with word manipulation. I wasn't able to finish it, but the first four paragraphs were phenomenal." - Water Spout, friendliest guy on the internet, unofficially.

"The details were amazing..." "Characters were visualized well.." "Intriguing beginning.." - Millennia2, writer of Alone

"You are a great writer." "When Kyasin kissed a girl, it kinda caught me off guard." "AWESOME." - Evatar114, writer of Choices.

"The A:TLAR series has lots of suspense that keeps me wondering what will happen next. The characters are well-developed, as is the plot, so far." - Keitonashita

God, I don't know where to begin. It would take ages to collect all of TAD's written lines on this series...

"It offers a very unique perspective, and it seems to be more mature. That makes it a great re-imagining." "Shyamaloser should take some advice from you." - Theavatardemotivator, writer of Daughter of Ashes and Air

"I can say that it is very well written, detailed and descriptive as said by Sky..." - The Bos, writer of Avatar:Guardian

"I see you're going for the less sappy and more mature in-your-face theme." - Avatar Roku's Ghost

"This idea is very original and the changes to the characters are very well thought out. Good job!" - Vaznock, writer of Kyoshi Revolts

Thank you for the comments, guys. Wow, I doubt I could write better self-promoting quotes myself. I promise that none are fabricated, and that all of them can be found on the wikia.

Themes and Inspirations

The author intends to fashion his own unique characterizations based on the original series' characters. Naturally, the original series is a primary inspiration, but the author wishes to make the story his own as much as possible. As The Dragon of The West said, the series is a bold departure from the original. The author intends to craft highly mature and compelling personalities. Other inspirations include issues within the real world, and contemporary literature and film. He is still working on being able to craft intense fight and action sequences to complement the dialogue and prose.


  • To Avatar:The Last Airbender for images that are used to convey the appearances of characters.
  • To numerous skilled musicians and bands for the recommendations of legally listening to their music during each chapter.

Clash of Worlds: The 4inal Chapter

Chapter Three: Punch A Fish

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