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Fang was Avatar Roku's tamed dragon and animal guide who accompanied Roku from his birth[3] until his death.[1]


Roku found Fang when the latter was just a baby, not yet hatched from his egg. Fang's parents were gone, so Roku raised the young dragon as his own. Eventually, the pair became inseparable.[3]

By 37 BG, Fang was large enough to easily fly with Roku on his back, and together they discovered the first Fire Nation colonies in the Earth Kingdom.

Fang flew to Roku to keep him safe as the volcano's poisonous gases overcame the Avatar and ultimately died together.

By 12 BG, Fang lived in a cave located just behind Roku and Ta Min's modest cottage on Roku's island. When the volcanic island experienced a massive eruption that year, Fang attempted to aid his friend. Even though Roku insisted that he leave, Fang stayed with him the entire time. After initially helping Roku to contain the eruption, Fire Lord Sozin betrayed the Avatar and left him to die. Seconds before a pyroclastic flow rolling down the mountainside overcame Roku's location, Fang subsequently flew down and curled up around Roku to protect him and the two died together. Following his demise, Fang entered the Spirit World along with Avatar Roku.[4]

Fang's spirit first appeared to Aang when he was attempting to stop Hei Bai from destroying Senlin Village. After Aang discovered he was in his spirit form for the very first time, he was confronted by Fang's spirit, who took the young Avatar to the Crescent Island Fire Temple on Crescent Island to see Avatar Roku's statue, where he learned that Roku wanted to speak to him during the winter solstice about Sozin's Comet. Afterward, the dragon took Aang back to his body.[1] Fang later transported Aang and Roku through parts of the Spirit World while Roku warned Aang about the dangers of the Avatar State.[5]

When Aang was comatose after Azula's lightning attack, he met his past four lives. Fang was able to guide Aang to Roku while the two Avatars spoke of the latter's past, although Aang did not remember the incident.[6]

When Aang meditated during the summer solstice, Fang and Roku met Aang. The dragon subsequently carried the two to the Southern Air Temple in Roku's memories. Later, they also saw Fang's living form during his and Roku's final moments.[4]

Spiritual abilities

Fang, sent by Roku, used his telepathic ability to alert Aang about the approaching comet.

As a spirit, Fang wielded several abilities common to all those who resided in the Spirit World, such as intangibility and invisibility. The only people known to see Fang in his spiritual form in the mortal world were Aang and General Iroh.[1]


Fang's unique power is his telepathy, which he used to communicate with others. Messages were sent using his whiskers. He could not actually transmit speech but instead sent images and impressions, telling Aang that he was Roku's dragon when the former first met him and letting the young Avatar know when and where he could speak to Roku near the Fire Temple

Other skills

Fang can send others back to the physical world, such as he did with Aang by flying into Hei Bai's statue. This reawakened Aang's lifeless, meditating shell.

Being a dragon, Fang retained his capacity for flight.


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book One: Water (水)

Book Two: Earth (土)

Escape from the Spirit World

Book Three: Fire (火)


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