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The Fancy Lady Day Spa, located in the Upper Ring of Ba Sing Se, is a facility designed to pamper the consumer. As indicated by its name, it provides quality service for upper-class women.


In 100 AG, Katara brought Toph here for a "girls' day out" together. Both enjoyed the mud bath and sauna, though Katara enjoyed the pedicure more than Toph did. However, after the entire visit, Toph admitted that she had enjoyed herself as the two walked home after a makeover complete with makeup.[1]


External, internal, and spiritual cleansing is provided in a relaxing, holistic atmosphere, with treatments such as mud baths, pedicures, saunas, and makeovers. A portion of the building is used as a spa university which offers a degree program. When a customer is willing to be experimented upon by students, they can benefit from reduced rates when visiting the spa.[2]


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