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The Everstorm was located at the South Pole.

The Everstorm was a massive blizzard that lasted for decades above the South Pole. A frozen forest connected to the Spirit World was located at the center.[1]


The Everstorm formed following the Hundred Year War when dark spirits became angry over the Southern Water Tribe's neglect of spiritual traditions and began rampaging in a torrential storm, rather than lighting up the sky to create the southern lights.[2] Despite the help of the Northern Water Tribe in remedying the Southern Water Tribe raids' multiple ramifications, the tribe remained spiritually unstable, and the Everstorm formed soon after. It raged for decades, until Avatar Korra and a small expedition team set out to disperse it by reopening a dormant spirit portal at the heart of the South Pole. In spite of harsh conditions and several spirit attacks, the team managed to reach the frozen forest at the storm's center, and Korra was eventually able to open the portal, thereby allowing the storm to subside.[1]


The Everstorm covered an area that featured numerous glacial formations and led to a frozen forest at the heart of the storm, similar to the one that was destroyed at the North Pole in 151 AG. The trees of the forest were encased by ice, much like the dormant spirit portal at the center, prior to its reopening by Avatar Korra in 171 AG. The region that the Everstorm encompassed was largely considered to be impassable until the storm dispersed.[1]


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