For the identically-named, narrative video game, see Escape from the Spirit World.

Escape the Spirit World, or Escape from the Spirit World on the title card, is an online game hosted on


With Aang's spirit trapped in the Spirit World after Azula's lightning attack, the player must work to pull his spirit back into Aang's body.


All actions are performed through the left mouse click.


Dragging the emblems

Escape the Spirit World diagram

A large earthbending emblem is above Aang, so the smaller earthbending emblems must be brought to his body to restore him.

Once the player has pressed Play, a screen will appear showing the six stages of Escape the Spirit World, only one of which is unlocked for use at this point. Once begun, the game displays Aang meditating, about to enter the Spirit World. Aang's Avatar Spirit departs from his body once he enters the Avatar State, and the emblem of a bending art appears above the spirit's head. Numerous other bending emblems begin to float from the bottom of the screen until they disappear upon reaching the top of the screen. The reason that these emblems have materialized is because the player must choose the correct emblem corresponding to the one above his spirit's head to pull to Aang's body, which results in Aang's spirit inching ever closer back to the physical world. For example, if the bending emblem above Aang is the earthbending symbol, the player must click and drag every earthbending symbol he or she sees gliding over the screen to Aang's body in order to help accomplish the objective.

Aang after losing spirit

Aang bows his head in defeat after his spirit gets away.

However, if the player brings an emblem that does not match the one above Aang, his spirit will depart further from its body instead of getting closer. Furthermore, the spirit is not stationary while the emblems float by; it slowly rises higher and higher from Aang's body regardless of other activity on the screen. If Aang's spirit has risen so far that it is no longer visible, the player loses one of the five lives he or she was given to begin with. When all five of these lives are lost, it is a game over.

Level mechanics

Each level is composed of individual stages that finish when the spirit reaches Aang's body. For example, after Aang's spirit reaches the body in Level 1-1, the game will progress to Level 1-2, the objective of saving Aang from the Spirit World remaining the objective. Stage and level progression entail new difficulties, including the departure of Aang's spirit from his body being faster than it was the previous stage or level, and the imposition of new dangers and complexes (see below subsection for details). There are eight stages per level and six levels in the game, as mentioned above.

New dangers

Mental shield

The circle surrounding Aang is the mental shield.

As the individual levels of each stage is completed, there is sometimes an added danger upon the beginning of the next stage that raises the difficulty of the game and remains for the duration of gameplay. For example, a "mental shield" appears around Aang's body upon the completion of Level 1-4, knocking emblems away from Aang when it activates at random intervals. These dangers and difficulties are many, appearing numerous times throughout the game.


There are a few different methods of acquiring points in Escape the Spirit World, including the emblems that the player brings to Aang. In the first level (Level 1-1 through 1-8), one correct emblem spiraling into Aang at one time gives the player fifteen points, two at one time gives sixty, three at one time gives 135, and so on. These point values rise exponentially the more emblems are given to Aang at once. More points are awarded for higher levels (Level 2-1 grants twenty points per one emblem, eighty for two, etc.).

Another simpler way to earn points is to click on a Four Elements emblem. Instead of taking this emblem to Aang, the player must simply click on this unique, purple emblem to receive one hundred points.

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