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The Equalist victory rally was an event held at the Pro-bending Arena to celebrate the Equalists' victory and claiming of Republic City. However, it turned out to be a decisive strategic defeat of the Equalists and, together with the tactical victory of the United Republic government during the second phase of the battle for Republic City, ended the Anti-bending Revolution with the victory of the governmental forces.[1]


The rally was first mentioned by the Lieutenant, when he unknowingly told a disguised Korra and Mako that Amon wanted extra security at the afternoon event.[2]

Later on, after Korra and Mako had spoken with Tarrlok on Air Temple Island and learned about Amon's true identity, the duo traveled to the Pro-bending Arena, hoping to expose Amon as a waterbender in front of the crowd.

Upon reaching the arena, a large number of enormous Equalist banners could be seen hanging on both the outside and inside. There were also a number of mecha tanks stationed outside of the arena. Once inside, it was shown that the arena's stands were completely filled, and that even more people gathered on the floor, in front of the stage. On the stage was a large banner with an image of Amon and three Equalist airships.

The rally began when Amon came on stage, emerging from a large cloud of smoke. As he was telling the story of how a firebender killed his family and disfigured his face, he was interrupted by Korra, who had been watching from the referee's platform. Korra told the crowd that Amon was actually the son of Yakone, and that he was a waterbender who utilized bloodbending to remove other peoples' bending abilities. After Korra's brief speech, the Lieutenant asked Amon what she was talking about, to which Amon replied that the Avatar was making up lies. To prove his point, the Equalist leader removed his mask, revealing his largely scarred face to the crowd. His followers subsequently branded the Avatar as a liar, and Mako suggested that they leave.

Korra and Mako rescued Tenzin and his family.

Before the two had the chance to escape, however, Amon revealed that he had captured Tenzin and his family, and that he was about to rid the world of airbending. As he began to approach Tenzin, Mako shot a bolt of lightning toward the stage, causing the crowd to scatter; however, Amon managed to dodge the attack. Korra and Mako used their firebending in a manner similar to jet-propulsion, allowing them to run across the arena's wall and jump onto the stage. Korra utilized her firebending to melt through Tenzin's chains as Mako launched numerous fire blasts at Amon. Once free, Tenzin blasted the Lieutenant and another Equalist off the stage; although Amon was able to avoid this attack, he was quickly blasted off by a second attack from Tenzin. Meanwhile, Korra freed Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo from their chains. Once everyone was free, the group headed into the arena's hallways, and Tenzin and his family went to go find Pema and Rohan, who were being held somewhere in the building. Korra and Mako stayed behind in an attempt to create a diversion and ran into one of the arena's gyms.

Amon bloodbent Mako and Korra, lifting them both into the air.

Amon soon entered the darkened gym, and, through the use of his bloodbending, he was able to pull Korra out from hiding and levitate her in the air. Immediately after, Mako revealed himself and attempted to attack Amon, but was quickly subdued by Amon's bloodbending. He proceeded to remove Korra's bending, causing the Avatar to fall unconscious. At that moment, however, the Lieutenant, who had seen the entire fight, confronted Amon. Furious at his leader's treachery, the Lieutenant lunged himself at him, but failed to hit him, as Amon quickly bloodbent the Lieutenant in mid-air. After thanking the Lieutenant for his services, Amon tossed him into a pile of wood.

Amon was blasted out of a window by Korra.

After dealing with the Lieutenant, Amon approached Mako, who was able to resist his bloodbending just enough to release a bolt of lightning at the bloodbender, sending him flying backward into a wall. Mako picked up Korra and ran back out into the hallway. Korra began to wake up, and Mako told her that everything was going to be all right. At that moment, however, Amon grabbed Mako with his bloodbending once more, and Korra fell to the ground. As Amon approached Mako in the corridor, he admitted that he was impressed with the firebender's skill, and that it was almost a shame that he had to remove his bending. Just as Amon was about to take Mako's bending, however, Korra released an airbending punch, which sent both Mako and Amon flying backward, but effectively put some distance between them. Both Korra and Amon were shocked at the revelation that Korra could airbend, and the Equalist leader tried one last time to take control of the Avatar with his bending. Korra was able to break free of his bloodbending grip, however, and she proceeded to blast him out of a nearby window into Republic City's harbor.

Amon realized that his secret was out.

Upon seeing their leader being thrown into the water, a number of Equalist supporters began calling Korra "evil", but promptly stopped when Amon raised himself onto a spinning column of water through waterbending. The Equalists were shocked to see that Amon was a waterbender, and that his scar was fake. Realizing that his secret was out, Amon used his waterbending to flee the area.[1]


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