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Equalist truck

Mecha tanks loaded captured people into a truck.

Equalist trucks were heavy-duty vehicles utilized by the Equalists for the transportation of the chi-blocker motorcycles, and for containing and transporting prisoners. They were also used for the storage and transportation of goods.


The Equalists used one of these trucks to transport Bolin and several Triple Threat Triad members to The Revelation rally after they were kidnapped from their headquarters. Mako and Korra, who had both been searching for Bolin, attempted to follow the truck on Naga, but they were prevented from doing so by several of the chi-blockers that had accompanied the vehicle.[1]

Amon personally oversaw the loading of four Equalist trucks with cargo prior to the attack on the Pro-bending Arena,[2] and the vehicles were later used to transport the captured Metalbending Police Force officers from the Equalist factory to Amon to have their bending removed.[3]

Truck escorting

An Equalist truck was escorted by four motorcycles.

The Equalists used one of these trucks during a jailbreak, escorted by four motorcycles. The truck was pursued by the newly formed Team Avatar, and after the group managed to incapacitate the escorts, Mako was able to shoot lightning at the driver, causing the truck to swerve and crash into a lamp post.[4]

Amon and the Lieutenant traveled to Tarrlok's cabin in one of these trucks, accompanied by several chi-blockers. After subduing Tarrlok and removing his bending, Amon threw the councilman into the truck to transport him back to Republic City.[5]

During the battle for Republic City, several trucks were used to transport the captured council members and several members of the police, including Chief Saikhan.[6]

Two trucks were outside the Pro-bending Arena a few hours before the Equalist victory rally.[7]