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This article is about the airships used by the Equalists during the Anti-bending Revolution. For other similar uses, see Airship (disambiguation).

Equalist airships flew above Republic City during the organization's attack on the metropolis.

Equalist airships are large, rigid frame lighter-than-air craft used for criminal purposes such as aiding Amon and the Anti-bending Revolution.[1]


After Amon completed his attack on the Pro-bending Arena, he used an airship to make his escape while Korra and Chief Beifong pursued.[1]

Sometime after attacking the Pro-bending Arena, a fleet of Equalist airships staged an attack on Republic City. During the attack, one of the police force's telephone operators informed Chief Saikhan that the police airship in "area seven" had been taken out by an Equalist airship and crashed into the harbor.

Later, two Equalist airships approached Air Temple Island and deployed a number of Equalists including the Lieutenant. After the first group of Equalists was defeated, another group began approaching the island, prompting Team Avatar to escape on Naga, while Tenzin, his family, and Lin Beifong fled on Oogi. As Tenzin and his family fled the island, two Equalist airships pursued them. In a desperate attempt to protect the last surviving airbenders, Lin jumped off Oogi and used her police cables to attach and reel herself onto one of the airships. Using her metalbending, Lin successfully destroyed one of the airships before being captured by the Equalists on the other. The second airship, now with Lin on board as a prisoner, ceased its pursuit of Oogi and returned to Air Temple Island.[2]

Several airships patrolled the skies of Republic City during the occupation of the metropolis by the Equalists. When it came time for Amon's victory speech, he traveled to the Pro-bending Arena in one of the ships.[3]


The Equalist airships are considerably rounder than the airships used by the Metalbending Police Force. Their design encompasses rotors that are positioned vertically as well as horizontally. They are red and black in color and have Equalist propaganda symbols lining the exterior. The airships appear to be more aero-dynamically capable than the Fire Nation airships and Republic City Police airships, and this may be due to the rounded shape of the frame.

The zeppelin also has an entry hatch on the underside of the gondola that is capable of lowering platforms onto which Equalists can climb to be lifted into the gondola.[1] This entry hatch is also capable of shooting a harpooned-cable which Equalists can use to zip-line from the airship to locations on the ground.[2] The interior of the gondolas are made entirely out of metal and have Equalist symbols inscribed on the metal beams. There is also a large wheel located at the gondola's front windows that is used for steering the aircraft.

As evidenced by the police force's telephone operators, the Equalist airships are capable of destroying police airships.


  • An early image of this airship could be seen on the sign-up page for Korra Nation's Facebook.
  • The Equalist logo, a red circle emblazoned with the Chinese ideogram , meaning "peace", "fair", or "equal" is prominently displayed on the lower front side of the airship.
  • The Equalist airships are considerably faster than Fire Nation airships were, as demonstrated by their ability to keep up with Oogi while Tenzin's family was fleeing Air Temple Island.
  • The use of the Equalist airships for bombing is similar to the deployment of Zeppelins as bombers during World War I.
  • The airships are steered by a ship's wheel, just like real world airships during the early 20th century.
  • The Zaofu airships appear to have a similar model these ships, albeit in a green and metallic color scheme.


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