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The Ember Island Theater is a Fire Nation playhouse located on Ember Island and was the place where The Boy in the Iceberg was performed by the Ember Island Players.[1]


Team Avatar went to the theater to see the play The Boy in the Iceberg. At first, Katara expressed conflicted feelings about attending a play about themselves, but was soon swayed to go by Sokka, who desperately wanted to watch the performance. Though initially excited about seeing themselves portrayed by actors, every member, except for Toph, expressed embarrassment and anger at their inaccurate portrayals by the end of the play.[1]


Ember Island Theater building

The theater's exterior is large and elegant.

The Ember Island Theater is advertised as the best small stage, local theater in the Fire Nation. It is supported by upper-class Ember Islanders who want to retain the island's pristine reputation. Although the theater itself is magnificent due to recent renovations, the plays performed inside often receive negative reviews. The theater is relatively big, and the stage is surrounded by red curtains. Illumination is provided by several lanterns located in the roof of the structure.

The stage is separated from the viewing area by a bench accessed with stairs located at the ends. The public section is located in front of the stage, either at a level lower than this, or in the gallery, which has several tiers available for people.[2]

Ember Island Players

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Boy in the Iceberg play

The Ember Island Players performed The Boy in the Iceberg late in the Hundred Year War.

The Ember Island Players are a local acting troupe who perform at the Ember Island Theater. They do not have a reputation for quality acting, but they take themselves very seriously and almost always pack the house, though this is probably because the theater is one of the only sources of nighttime entertainment on the island.

The Ember Island Players are all professionals. However, their pay is relatively low and almost all of them wish to advance to a greater stage.[3] Their plays feature overly-dramatic acting and dazzling special effects. During the final months of the Hundred Year War, they performed The Boy in the Iceberg, a production written by acclaimed playwright Pu-on Tim. The troupe also frequently performs the play Love amongst the Dragons, a performance Ursa took Zuko to see every summer, much to his dislike, as he claimed that the group always "butchered" the play.[1]


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