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This article is about the resort island. For other similar uses, see Ember Island (disambiguation).

Ember Island is a renowned resort area located in the outer islands of the northern Fire Nation. Set among palm trees and luscious vegetation, it is home to many luxurious resorts and vacation homes for the wealthy and powerful. Many high-ranking Fire Nation officials have vacation homes here and the island is viewed as the top vacation destination in the Fire Nation.[2] The private black sand beaches[3] are surrounded by mountains and dunes which create a private atmosphere for visitors.[4] The beaches are among the most popular in the country and host many popular kuai ball games. The island is less known as being the home of Ta Min in the years following Avatar Roku's death,[5] as well as Lord Zuko's home after he abdicated his throne in 167 AG.[6]


Tourism has always been essential to Ember Island's economy, with the island having its own tourism minister. In 296 BG, the tourism minister visited the estate of the purported Avatar, Yun, and gave a gift of fire lilies.[7]

Ember Island is famous for its luxurious beach houses.

Among the many people who owned homes on the island were Lo and Li, Princess Azula's twin mentors, as well as Fire Lord Ozai's family. This particular home was abandoned, but the royal family used to spend their summers there when Azula and Zuko were still children. Lo and Li's house was rather small in comparison to all of the others, but it was nonetheless luxurious. A third house belonged to Admiral Chan, who was, for some time, on leave on the island.

According to Lo and Li, Ember Island tends to cause its visitors to go into a sort of self-discovery.[1] This was alluded to when Aang, Sokka, Katara, Zuko, Toph, and Suki visit this island to watch the play, The Boy in the Iceberg, which symbolizes the team's self-discovery.[8] Many have learned things about themselves that they were previously unaware of, including secrets of their friends and family.

Many years after the end of the Hundred Year War, Aang brought his son, Tenzin, to Ember Island, where they built sand castles.[9] After abdicating the Fire Nation throne to his daughter in 167 AG, Zuko chose to leave the Fire Nation Capital in favor of living on Ember Island.[6]


Ember Island Arcade

Azula taunted Zuko with a player from one of the arcade games.

Ember Island houses an open-air arcade, which features a number of games and is popular with younger crowds. One of the newest and most popular games is "Street Bender", where players can choose character dolls of popular characters like Prince Zuko or Avatar Aang, and for the price of a silver piece can fight with them using a series of joystick controls. Street Bender is popular with children, and the occasional over-competitive teenager. Zuko and Azula played this game, with Zuko controlling himself and Azula controlling Aang. Every hit results in a loss of one of the three life bars. Attacks can be enhanced by firebending into the metal control rods. In a fit of rage, Zuko over-used his firebending, causing the game to be destroyed.[10]

Ember Island Theater

Main article: Ember Island Theater

Plays are performed at the Ember Island Theater.

One of the most well-known small theaters in the Fire Nation, the Ember Island Theater is a popular destination for anyone visiting the island.[8] The Ember Island Theater is supported by upper class Ember Islanders who like everything on their best little vacation spot to be just perfect. This theater was recently renovated, and anyone who comes here almost always seems to comment about how delightful it looks. The plays, however, are not as good as the theater.[11]

Lo and Li's beach house

The interior of Lo and Li's beach house is heavily decorated.

Lo and Li came to this beach house ever since they were infants and inherited it after their parents died. Unlike all of the other beach houses, which were enormous and elegant, this beach house was rather small and in some disrepair. Upon visiting the house, Zuko commented that it smelled like "old lady"; however, it remained a comfortable haven from the politics that occupy everyday life in the capital. When life in the Fire Nation Capital became too hectic, the twins escaped to their little oasis.[12] This is also where Azula and Zuko came to stay with their friends while the Fire Lord held a private meeting back home.[1]

Ozai's beach house

Main article: Ozai's beach house

Ozai owned a beach house on the island.

During Zuko's childhood, the Royal Family visited their summer home on Ember Island once every year. Several of Zuko's flashbacks revealed that the family was a lot happier during those days on the island and also showed his close relationship with Iroh and Lu Ten. Several years later, Zuko visited the beach house and recalled his memories of visiting the island in his childhood. After Azula attacked the Western Air Temple,[13] and forced Team Avatar to abandon it, they made their way here, where they resided until the arrival of Sozin's Comet.[14]

Notable figures


  • After the Hundred Year War, three villagers teamed up to form the Ember Island Eel Hounds pro-bending team.[15]
  • The island is less visited by tourists during the winter months, when it can be seen covered in snow.[16]
  • The volcanic nature of the beach is based on Iceland's deserts, while its architecture mostly references that of Thailand.[3]


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