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The elephant rat[1] is a small rodent found throughout the world. Typically residing in urban environments, the elephant rat frequently searches for food in old, run-down areas.


During her time in a Fire Nation prison, Hama used elephant rats in her development and practice of bloodbending.[2]

In 100 AG, Aang was imprisoned in Chin Village for Avatar Kyoshi's alleged murder of Chin the Conqueror. While in his jail cell, he saw an elephant rat grab an acorn on the ground before scampering off.[3]

In 174 AG, Baatar Jr. claimed that Varrick was "crazier than a sewer pipe elephant rat".[4]


The elephant rat is a small-sized rodent, covered with a coat of coarse black fur. It has a pink tail and white markings around its eyes alongside triangular and erect ears. However, its most striking feature is its long proboscis, which it uses to search for food. Though it moves on all fours, it is capable of rearing up on its hind legs and using its forelegs to grasp food.


The elephant rat is a hybrid based on the elephant and rat, though it also bears resemblance to the elephant shrew. Its size, body, and behavior are reminiscent of a rat, but its trunk is similar to that of an elephant.


  • The combination of an elephant and a rat to create this creature can be seen as ironic because of the myth that elephants are afraid of mice.
  • Elephant rats were the first of three animals to ever be seen being bloodbent. The second and third animals were yaks and wolves, respectively.


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