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Aang, Katara, and Toph must channel their individual bending powers into one unified effort: reach the uppermost deck of the armored, heavily guarded Fire Nation vessel and escape their imprisonment.


  • Right arrow key – Move rightward
  • Left arrow key – Move leftward
  • Up arrow key – Jump
  • Space-bar – Use a character's "special move" (additional information below)
  • "Z" and "X" – Switch character (additional information below)


Elemental Escape gameplay

Aang, Katara, and Toph make their way through the vessel's interior.

There are three modes that decide the difficulty of the game: "Normal", "Hard", and "Master bender". The game must be completed in a designated amount of time that is dependent upon which game mode is chosen. A score is created along the way with points earned by doing innumerable actions throughout. Switches and levers are found in many places, and activating them results in opened doors and other possibilities.

If a character is hit by a firebender, he or she is sent back to the starting point of the level unless that character has made contact with a "check point", which is spiral-shaped and saves the player's progress. Collectively, Aang, Katara, and Toph have six chances to be hit by firebenders before their mistakes result in a game over. However, extra lives can be found in hidden areas.

Finally, collecting medallion-shaped coins can be beneficial to point value, but they are often found near adversaries.

Character switch

For one, characters can be switched at will through the use of the "Z" and "X" keys as previously mentioned. However, this switched character is picked based on which of those keys is pressed as well as what character is currently in play. For example, pressing "Z" while Aang is in play will result in a switch to Toph, and pressing "X" results in a switch to Katara. These particular arrangements are naturally different for each character.

Special moves

Each character sports a "special move" that can be performed with the space-bar. In Aang's case, this move has extra requirements to succeed. These moves are:

  • Aang's airbending-enhanced jump
    • Simultaneous space-bar/up arrow key usage required


Elemental Escape glitch

The characters are replaced by a swirl of air, the first sign of the glitch.

  • Choosing to continue upon a game over results in a glitch that renders the check points undesirable for game-over scenarios. The glitch is identifiable when a character does not immediately appear on the check point. Pressing "Resume" from the menu resolves this issue and the character reappears, but the game lags severely from that point on. This can lead to a myriad of other glitches, including firebenders' moves going through the characters and falling off nonexistent cliffs. Even if the player restarts the game, the display still lags. Reloading the page is the only option for restored visual and game-play corrections.


  • Katara explains in the tutorial accessible in "Normal" mode that the team was captured while they were asleep. Toph also mentions that the vessel is heading to the Fire Lord's "lands", as she overheard one of the guards say so.

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