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Electrified kali sticks

The Lieutenant primarily used electrified kali sticks in battle.

The electrified kali sticks are electroshock weapons powered by a small backpack-sized generator strapped to the user. The metal prods stun and immobilize opponents on contact and are normally dual wielded. The Lieutenant uses them to great effect;[1] even the metalbending police officers cannot withstand attacks from this weapon.[2]


The Lieutenant pursued Mako and Bolin as they attempted to escape from an Equalist assembly by electrifying a metal ladder that the brothers were descending, causing them to fall. As the Lieutenant engaged the brothers in combat, he utilized the kali sticks to immobilize the firebender and subsequently used them to shock the earthbender into brief unconsciousness. Challenged again by Mako, the Lieutenant recharged his kali sticks and hit Mako, which incapacitated him with an electrical shock.[1]

The Lieutenant electrocuting the Fire Ferrets

The Lieutenant used his kali sticks to shock Korra, Mako, and Bolin.

After the Pro-bending Tournament finals concluded, the Equalists unleashed an attack on the arena. The Lieutenant used his kali sticks to temporarily stun the Fire Ferrets, who had fallen into the water after being knocked out in round three. When Korra awakened, she and Lin pursued the fleeing Equalists on the arena's roof. Amon's second-in-command used his sticks to assault Lin and temporarily disable her. As Korra came to her rescue, the Lieutenant was forced to battle her instead. During the fight, Korra was able to dodge his attacks and even manage to knock one of the sticks out of his hand.[3]

In Hiroshi Sato's Equalist factory, the Lieutenant attempted to subdue Asami with his weapons after she had incapacitated her father with an electrified glove. However, utilizing her agility, Asami was able to dodge his attacks and shock him with his own weapon.[4]

The speedboat with which Noatak and Tarrlok fled Air Temple Island contained a number of electrified kali sticks.[5]


  • The sticks are powered by the generator the Lieutenant carries on his back. However, the sticks themselves are not physically connected to it and are hence detachable, as they have been knocked out of his hands multiple times.[1][3]


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