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Electrified glove

The Equalists wielded electrified gloves as part of their weaponry.

An electrified glove is a lightweight electroshock weapon that delivers a powerful electrical shock capable of rendering any individual unconscious.[1] It is worn as a gauntlet and was manufactured by Hiroshi Sato in his secret factory to help support the Equalist movement.[2] The gloves also proved to be an effective way to take down armored police officers, whose attire is otherwise impervious to chi blocking.


Tenzin electrocuted

Tenzin was stunned by an Equalist wearing an electrified glove in the Pro-bending Arena.

During the final match of the Pro-bending Championship Tournament, Equalists infiltrated the Pro-bending Arena by posing as ordinary spectators. They concealed electrified gloves among their belongings to successfully smuggle them inside the arena.

After the final round of the match, the assailants began to systematically incapacitate Chief Lin Beifong and members of the Metalbending Police Force, who were present as a precautionary security detail in response to Amon's warnings, along with other benders such as Tenzin, who also posed a threat to the Equalists.

Amidst the ambush, one Equalist entered the radio booth and confronted Shiro Shinobi, who continued to report the proceedings within the arena to the radio audience before being shocked unconscious himself.[1]

Hiroshi Sato was eventually revealed to have helped build the weapons. Utilizing them in battle against Mako and Bolin, he gave one to his daughter, Asami, in hopes that she would join him in supporting the Equalist movement. As a ruse, Asami accepted the glove to get her father within shocking distance. She fled with Avatar Korra's group shortly after shocking her father.[2]

Asami charging an electrified glove

Asami tested an electrified glove, planning to use it to help Team Avatar fight the Equalists.

After escaping from the factory, Team Avatar decided to go on patrol in Republic City. Asami kept the glove that her father had given her, remarking that "one way to fight Equalists is to use an Equalist weapon". She casually tested the glove's energy by turning it on and off. While on patrol in Republic City, Asami used her glove to disable two Equalists who had climbed onto Team Avatar's car.[3]

After Korra was captured by Tarrlok and taken away, the Councilman returned to City Hall. To provide an alibi for himself, he used an electrified glove on his arm to make it appear that he had been knocked out and left it on the floor as "evidence" that the Equalists were responsible for all the damage done and the disappearance of the Avatar.[4]

During the Equalists' attack on Republic City, it turned out that Asami had kept her electrified glove in the trunk of her Satomobile before being arrested by Tarrlok.[3] She put the glove on before getting in the driver's seat. Asami proceeded to use the glove in combat and incapacitated five Equalist chi blockers, saving Councilman Tenzin and four communications officers from being shipped off to Amon.[5]

After he was discovered to be a bender, Amon, referred to from that point onward by his birth name, Noatak, escaped with his brother Tarrlok on a speedboat. The boat was fully stocked with electrified gloves and a power generator. Tarrlok, after realizing both that his brother's idea of starting over again was futile and that he was horrified with what they had become, used an electrified glove to ignite the boat's gas tank, causing it to explode with them in it, killing the two brothers.[6]

Asami stuns a guard

Asami used her electrified glove to take down a Red Lotus sentry.

Six months later, Asami used an electrified glove to incapacitate a guard at the Southern Water Tribe prison during an attempt to free Tonraq.[7]

A few weeks after Harmonic Convergence, Asami used her electric glove in combat against a gang of barbarians attempting to steal a tax shipment meant for the Earth Queen.[8] She used the glove again a while later to subdue a Red Lotus sentry in order to rescue captive airbenders from caves near the Northern Air Temple.[9]

By 174 AG, Asami had streamlined the design of the electrified glove, improving upon what her father had originally created.[10] While attempting to rescue a kidnapped Prince Wu, she used her electrified glove to incapacitate an agent of Kuvira's army during a brief fight on the roof of a train.[11]

After being brainwashed and conscripted into the military of the Earth Empire, Asami made use of an electrified glove in combat.[12]


Crate with electrified gloves

Equalist gloves came in crates.

The electrified gloves are primarily made of metal and powered by an energy source attached to the surface of the gauntlet. Two wires run down to the palm of the glove, directly into a circular segment from which the electrical current is released. The gloves are jointed, allowing users to ball up their hands into fists to deliver an electrified punch.

The glove's ability to electrify an individual is not only effective in hand-to-hand combat, but also through use at a limited range.[13]

Notable users

Along with the Equalists that attacked the Pro-bending Arena, the electrified glove was used by a few others, including:


  • The design of the glove is similar to that of Iron Man's energy repulsor gauntlets.
  • The glove works in a similar way to a modern-day taser, as both use a powerful electrical shock to incapacitate a target and can be used from up close or at a short distance.
  • Generally, the glove is only worn on one hand. Hiroshi Sato is the only known individual to wear gloves on both hands.


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