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The term "Eastern Sea" has not been confirmed by official sources.

The Eastern Sea is a large body of water located in the eastern Earth Kingdom near Chameleon Bay. Situated directly in between Ba Sing Se and the Eastern Air Temple, a small waterway connects this sea to East Lake.


Located in the Earth Kingdom, the Eastern Sea fell under the Earth King's jurisdiction. However, due to its strategic location, this body of water has fallen under different occupations multiple times. Chin's army captured the shores of the sea during his campaign to conquer all of the Earth Kingdom. After his death, this sea fell under Earth Kingdom governance once again.[1]

The Eastern Sea remained at peace until the Hundred Year War commenced centuries later. Ships from the Fire Nation continually bombarded the area, attempting to break through the Earth Kingdom's defenses and reach Ba Sing Se. In 97 AG, the 41st Division of the Fire Nation military arrived at the Eastern Sea, though General Bujing suggested during a war meeting to leave the sea and head north to fight a powerful battalion of earthbenders near Ba Sing Se.[2]

Later that year, Chief Hakoda and his troops from the Southern Water Tribe completed their journey to the Eastern Sea, where they stationed themselves at Chameleon Bay in order to stop any Fire Nation advance toward Ba Sing Se via the water. Here, Hakoda invented the tangle mine, a weapon used to combat invader ships. Years later, during one of his nightly patrols over the water on a cutter sailing ship, Hakoda spotted Appa flying overhead, who was attempting to find Aang.[3]

During the spring of 100 AG, Hakoda and his troops' base camp were stationed on the northern shores of the sea, on a beach, where the chief later reunited with his son, Sokka. Shortly after their reunion, the Water Tribe warriors prepared to fend off an invasion of Fire Nation ships. However, before Sokka could leave with them, Aang landed on the shore to pick up the warrior due to the former's vision of Katara in trouble.[4]

Shortly thereafter, Hakoda and his warriors abandoned their post at the Eastern Sea to aid in the invasion of the Fire Nation.[5]


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