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The term "Earth Kingdom supply truck" has not been confirmed by official sources.

Earth Kingdom truck

An Earth Kingdom supply truck carried a supply of earth during the invasion of the Fire Nation.

Earth Kingdom supply trucks are treaded supply vehicles designed by Sokka and manufactured by the mechanist at the Northern Air Temple. They were used along with waterbending-powered submarines, earthbending-powered tanks, and several other pieces of equipment in the invasion of the Fire Nation, where they were primarily utilized to transport and supply earth and water for the bending factions of the invasion force.[1]


At least eight of these trucks, mostly driven by Earth Kingdom soldiers, participated in the invasion of the Fire Nation on the Day of Black Sun. They were deployed by the submarines and advanced alongside the invasion force, supplying water and boulders for the benders to use against the enemy. Some of these trucks, which were carrying eight barrels of blasting jelly, were used to blow up holes in the walls separating the Royal Plaza from the Capital City, providing paths for the invaders to continue their attack against the Fire Nation.


These vehicles are designed to carry weapons and bendable elements for use by the warriors and benders who made up the invasion force. Each truck is operated by a single driver, made entirely of metal, possesses a large flatbed with a hatch at the back and is able to carry boulders, jugs of water, barrels of blasting jelly, and other weaponry.


These trucks bear a resemblance to tractor vehicles used by different factions during World War II, such as the Russian Voroshilovets heavy artillery tractor. They are similar in design to real-world open-tray dump trucks, as they have an open cabin, and they operate similarly to real-world trucks, with the exception of the treads.


  • The supply truck is one of the first signs of modern transportation through motorized vehicles prior to The Legend of Korra.


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