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The Earth Kingdom harbor was a Fire Nation military station located in the southwestern Earth Kingdom. Having been occupied by the Fire Nation for decades prior to the war's end, the harbor served as a major naval point for ships to dock and resupply during the latter stages of the Hundred Year War. The camp was in close proximity to the Southern Water Tribe and was well positioned to provide the Fire Nation Army with troops and supplies during their assaults on the Earth Kingdom.[1]


Agni Kai court

Zuko and Zhao dueled in the harbor's Agni Kai arena.

Prince Zuko came to the harbor to have repairs made on his ship after it was damaged during a violent confrontation with Avatar Aang. The leading officer in charge of the harbor was the newly appointed Commander Zhao, who ordered his troops to interrogate the crew of Zuko's ship, from which it was revealed to him that the Avatar was still alive. Upon learning this, Zuko became infuriated and hastily challenged Zhao to an Agni Kai, which the former won, much to the commander's shock and anger. Soon afterward, both men left in hopes of finding and capturing the Avatar for themselves.[2]


The Earth Kingdom harbor was located near the foot of a mountain and extended in a long strip of flat land across the shoreline. Naval ships were docked in crevices at the water's edge, and tracks running between the crevices were used to transport barrels and crates to various parts of the harbor. A separate but longer track divided the port from a military camp located further inland.

Earth Kingdom harbor at sunset

The harbor featured an Agni Kai arena, a dock for ships, and a series of tents and watchtowers.

Numerous military tents were set up at the back of the harbor, resembling temples in design and exhibiting the red and gold colors of the Fire Nation. Each tent had a single entrance at its front, which was often guarded. The interior of the tents were elaborately decorated with rugs, tables, chairs, and weapon displays, as well as a map of the world that officials used to plan the military's strikes. Outside the tents, there were multiple Fire Nation flags, lamp posts, and watch towers, all of which were symbolically red in appearance. Among one of the harbor's most notable facilities was a grand arena in which Agni Kai were staged. It was blocked off from the remainder of the establishment by a rectangular stone wall with four large torches at the corners. Two arched gates bearing flags led into the court, a flat and spacious dirt field.[2]


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