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Met with the hazards of pollution, the gang must save the planet from an enemy far more versatile than Fire Lord Ozai. Fire Nation war machines are creating a world of smog, and it is Team Avatar's job to clear the air.



All actions can be performed through the use of the left mouse click.


Earth Healers gameplay

A small machine is found in a plot of land that Team Avatar is trying to plant.

Katara is capable of planting seeds that reinvigorate the oxygen. To do so, one should click on a seed of appropriate color and subsequently click an area of dirt adjacent to smog that matches the seed. Doing so will lead to a dirt patch clear of smog. However, it will also sometimes result in a patch of dirt with a specific color. This means that only that color seed can be planted in that dirt.

Furthermore, planting a seed in dirt adjacent to a differently colored smog will result in the partial removal of that smog. To completely remove the rest of the smog, one must plant a seed of identical color next to that smog per previous instructions.

Oftentimes, the removal of smog uncovers a war machine that was hiding within the fog. Aang, Sokka, and Toph can be called upon to destroy war machines and keep the soldiers from further damaging the ecosystem. This can be done by clicking on any of Katara's three friends, before clicking on the war machine to be destroyed. Depending on which friend is employed, a different color of smog will appear in place of the machine; Aang creates red, Toph yellow, and Sokka blue. Each friend can be used only once per level.

Rocky patches of dirt are barren and unable to be touched.


Earth Healers eco message

The game features an eco-friendly message about air pollution.

  • This game goes to great lengths to advertise Nickelodeon's Big Help agenda, especially for environmental purposes. Clicking nearly any prompt on menus or game icons reveals an eco-friendly message.

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