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The Earth Empire factory is a facility where the spirit energy cannon was designed and built.[1]


After Varrick had refused to work for Kuvira and destroyed his destructive invention, Kuvira ordered Baatar Jr. and Zhu Li to recreate the weapon and bring it to working order as soon as possible. For the workplace for the super weapon, an already existing reeducation facility was converted. The troops stationed there and the imprisoned people allowed for control and a cheap work force. After Kuvira's army cut down the vines from the banyan-grove tree in the Foggy Swamp to get into possession the spirit vines, the construction of the super weapon escalated greatly.

Kuvira's factory's hangar

The central building of the complex was a large hangar, in which Kuvira's super weapon had been built and housed.

After just a few weeks, the cannon was tested for the first time. The test was a failure, as someone had tampered with the inner mechanism of the machine. The deliberate malfunction resulted in the near-destruction of the cannon and the factory in which it was housed. After a close examination, Baatar Jr. found out that a gear had almost been broken, causing the malfunction. He promptly ordered his team of scientists and engineers to thoroughly search the machine for any other problems. Kuvira arrived and questioned Zhu Li, who said that she had no idea what went wrong. The next day at the testing ceremony, the machine malfunctioned again due to a missing distributor pin. As Kuvira discovered, it was Zhu Li who had removed it in an attempt to sabotage the device. Kuvira sentenced her to be the first person to be killed with the cannon, which would be fired at an abandoned city.

Spirit energy cannon firing

The first ever firing of the giant cannon was thwarted, when the Beifong's launched an avalanche of earth against it, dislocating its trajectory.

At the same time, Bolin, Opal, Lin, and Toph arrived at the facility to free the captive members of the Beifong family. After using her seismic sense, Toph found out that the family was held in an underground bunker. The strike force managed to get to the prison chamber unnoticed and managed to free everyone except Suyin and Baatar, who was afraid to go out of the cage as it dangled several tens of feet from the air. As the guards noticed that something was wrong, they sounded the alarm, but the team managed to escape. After escaping the underground prison, the team wanted to leave, except for Bolin, who wanted to save Zhu Li.

Accompanied by Opal, Bolin managed to get to the town on Juicy to save Zhu Li. As they were untying her, the weapon was already firing but missed as it was hit by several large stones, when the others attacked. After a ferocious battle, the Beifong family was pinned down and surrounded. They managed to get away when Toph arrived, who until now had been watching Baatar and Huan, and toppled several mecha tanks and all the soldiers surrounding them with one blow. As Bolin, Zhu Li, and Opal returned on Juicy to get them out, Toph commented that Kuvira was giving metalbenders a bad name.[1]


The enormous facility was stationed around a large central hanger, where the cannon was housed. Underneath the hangar is a large cave that acted as a prison for the Beifong Family. Next to the main hangar, several warehouses were located as well as barracks for the troops and the prisoners.[1]


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