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Earth Empire mecha suits

Technological advancements changed the face of duels in the world.

Duels are battles fought by at least two individuals and can be considered a form of recreation, a way of settling disputes, or a training tool for students who are developing skills in a particular fighting art. They may be friendly spars fought to pass time or, in the most extreme cases, fought to the death.

The following is a list of known duels that occurred in 174 AG.

Known duels

Duel between Kai, Opal, and Earth Kingdom bandits

Combatants: Kai, Opal, and three bandits

Victor: Kai and Opal

Capturing bandits

Opal caught the bandits with her airbending after Kai knocked over their jeep.

After three bandits robbed a store in a town in the state of Yi and tried to get away in a jeep, Kai and Opal jumped off Lefty and used their wingsuits to pursue the thieves. As Kai passed them, he directed a powerful gust of air at the hood of the jeep, flipping it over. Opal swooped down and used her own bending to prevent serious harm to befall the bandits upon their landing. As they lay in the dust, Kai tied them up and the airbenders were able to return the stolen goods to the owner.[1]

Duel between Kuvira and several Earth Kingdom bandits

Combatants: Kuvira and twenty bandits

Victor: Kuvira

Kuvira defeats bandits

Kuvira single-handedly defeated twenty earthbending bandits by covering their eyes or binding their hands or feet with metal rings.

Kuvira's train was halted by an earthen railroad block erected by bandits. She exited her train to stand atop the vehicle and patiently awaited the bandits to swoop down on her. Although severely outnumbered, she easily avoided the rocks tossed at her and incapacitated all the bandits bearing down on her with her metalbending by either blinding them with a metal slab over their eyes or tying them down by their hands or feet with a metal ring around the respective limbs. Restraining the last of her opponents, she piled them all together, effectively ending the battle.[1]

Duel between Kai, Opal, and food thieves

Combatants: Kai, Opal, two bandits flying a biplane

Victor: Bandits

Kai versus a bandit

Kai tried to prevent a bandit from stealing the food that was intended for the governor's town.

After picking up supplies from nearby towns, Kai and Opal directed Lefty back to toward the governor's town. However, before they reached the settlement, a plane appeared and one of its passengers shot a grappling gun, which hooked itself in the net covering the food on Lefty's back, enabling the bandit to slide over. Kai tried to blast the man away using his airbending, though the thief nimbly avoided being knocked away. Making it onto the flying bison, the man unfolded his double-bladed sword and started cutting the tethers which were holding the food supply down. Kai managed to land a hit on the bandit, but he swung around to the other side of Lefty and attacked the airbender from there. Although his attack missed, he did cut the last tether. Kai attacked him again, but the bandit dodged and managed to land a cut on the young airbending, ripping the right wing of his wingsuit and preventing him from giving chase as the airplane took off with the supplies.[1]

Duel in an Earth Kingdom fighting cage

Combatants: Korra and a female earthbender

Victor: Female earthbender

Earthbending duel

Korra struggled during an earthbending cage fight to remain on her feet and avoid being hit.

Fighting in a relatively small ring, Korra faced off in an earthbending duel with another woman, although in her mind, she was fighting herself in the Avatar State.[2] She was barraged with several rocks and earth pillars, which knocked her off balance. Although she attempted to fight back, her opponent easily avoided her attack and retaliated aggressively, forcing Korra to dive and tumble to avoid being hit. Although Korra bent a rock and a fissure back at her, the other woman dodged the rock and blocked the fissure with a wall, before launching herself into the air with an earth pillar. Using the extra momentum from her descent, the woman launched another rock at Korra, which hit the Avatar, sending her tumbling over the floor, into the wall, and effectively sealed her defeat.[1]

Mecha suit duel

Combatants: Bolin, Varrick, Zhu Li, Baatar Jr., and two mecha suit pilots

Victor: Baatar Jr. and mecha suit pilots

Mecha suit battle

Zhu Li, Varrick, and Bolin got caught in a mecha suit battle with Baatar Jr. and two other soldiers of the military of the Earth Empire.

After deserting the military of the Earth Empire in mecha suits, Bolin, Varrick, and Zhu Li were tracked down and ambushed by Baatar Jr. and two other mecha suitpilots. After shooting down Bolin's suit, Baatar Jr. launched himself at Varrick, though was intercepted by Zhu Li, before being tackled to the ground by a recovered Bolin. Baatar Jr. quickly managed to gain the upper hand, however, and after knocking Bolin's suit down, he moved in for the kill. Although Bolin managed to exit just in time, his suit was entirely destroyed when Baatar Jr. landed an electrified punch to the suit and Bolin was forced to continue the battle with his bending alone.

Meanwhile, Zhu Li took on the other two mecha suits, while Varrick merely ran in the way. Although she took some damage, she managed to hold her own until Bolin interfered with his lavabending, melting her opponents' suits and capturing the pilots with his earthbending. Before the two could secure their victory, they were forced to surrender by Baatar Jr., who had caught Varrick and threatened to crush his head.[3]

Duel for Zaofu

Combatants: Korra and Kuvira

Victor: Kuvira

Korra firebends at Kuvira

Korra threw everything she had at Kuvira, but was unable to land a hit.

With negotiations going nowhere, Korra deduced Kuvira left her no other choice than fight. Kuvira ordered her army to stand back, so that instead of taking Zaofu in all out battle, Kuvira would challenge the Avatar in single combat. The terms of duel were that the victor can do whatever they want with Zaofu. Jinora and Opal wanted her to use the Avatar State, though Korra decided she will fight honorably and only use the Avatar State as a last resort. She goaded Korra into throwing all she had, who quickly started off the fight with a couple of fire blasts, all of which Kuvira nimbly dodged. Korra left herself exposed for a moment allowing Kuvira to strike, and bend two metal plates around her ankles, tossing her through the air. Korra continued attacking, implementing more earth and airbending into the fight, but was unable to land a hit on Kuvira, and her army kept cheering for the Great Uniter. The metalbender dodged everything Korra threw at her, and managed to trap her foot in a fissure, blind her with a metal slab and hit her with another rock.

As the battle went on, Korra became more used to Kuvira's style, able to deflect the metal plates shot at her with her airbending. Kuvira kept blocking all of Korra's attacks, initiating few herself, and waiting for the Avatar to make a mistake. Ultimately, she did attack, and Korra raised a wall to protect herself. She launched this wall at Kuvira, who threw it right back at her. Korra stopped the rock, but while suspending it, Kuvira disintegrated the boulder, causing Korra to lose balance again. Kuvira taunted her again, and Opal wanted to intervene, but Korra stopped her.

Kuvira versus Korra

Kuvira suspended Korra in the air, after the Avatar proved unable to beat her, even in the Avatar State.

Korra continued failing to land a hit on Kuvira, who seemed to be enjoying the battle. With another metal plate around the Avatar's ankle, she sent her tumbling through the air, crashing down in front of Suyin. The matriarch urged Korra to go into the Avatar State, and when she saw Kuvira lunge for her, she did so. With a single blast, she knocked Kuvira back. Korra accelerated herself, before blasting Kuvira even further away, sending her tumbling across the ground. The Avatar raised herself on an airspout, lifting a huge boulder with her, intending to crush Kuvira. However, Korra had another hallucination of herself in the Avatar State, and snapped out of it, dropping the boulder. Kuvira called her weak, trapped her in a prison, and prepared to cut her head off, only to be stopped by Opal and Jinora. However, their interference violated the terms of the duel, forcing them to call on Meelo and Ikki and flee Zaofu.[4]

Duel on the train

Combatants: Korra, Mako, Asami, and several Earth Empire soldiers

Victor: Korra, Mako and Asami

Saving Prince Wu

Team Avatar briefly dueled with four Earth Empire soldiers on the roof of the train.

Upon finding a kidnapped Wu locked in a suitcase in the train, Kuvira's agents walked into the luggage cart and one of them shot a few metal plates at Korra, who deflected them. She blew them against the ceiling with her airbending, knocking them out cold. They were being approached by soldiers from both sides, and Korra bought them a few moments by bending the door shut. The Avatar metalbent the roof open, but Wu refused to go up there, much to Korra's chagrin. She worked him up there with an air blast, followed by herself, before helping up Asami and Mako. They made their way further to the back of the train, but the soldiers used cables hidden inside their coats to pull themselves up to the roof as well. Mako tried to hold them back with firebending, but was unable to properly do so and was restrained. Korra managed to grab one of the cables, holding the soldier at bay. Asami even managed to knock one of the soldiers out, with her combat skills and an electrical glove, but the metalbenders on both sides peeled up the roof, trapping Team Avatar in between. Korra bent an air sphere around them and jumped off the train, landing them all safely on the ground below.[5]

Duel at the Earth Empire checkpoint

Combatants: Bolin, Varrick, Baraz and Ahnah, several other prisoners, four Earth Empire soldiers and four mecha suits

Victor: Bolin, Varrick, Baraz and Ahnah, and several other prisoners

Despite Bolin and Varrick managing to bluff and intimidate their way through a checkpoint, a battle ensued when they were recognized from a wanted poster. Although they and their group of escaped Earth Empire prisoners made a break for it, two mecha suits jumped in front of them, halting their escape. Realizing they were surrounded, Baraz quickly burned through the ropes around his wrists and launched a blazing arc at the soldiers, forcing them to seek cover. They shot back, and while the firebenders freed the other prisoners, Ahnah assaulted the soldiers with her waterbending. She created a sheet of ice under one of the mecha suits, and Baraz knocked it off balance, but it used the spikes hidden in its calves to stay upright and tried to shoot them with lightning. Baraz was forced to counter the suit's flamethrower with his own firebending.

Fighting the border patrol

Bolin created a lava moat in order to protect a group of escaped prisoners from the Earth Empire.

Bolin and Varrick also came came under attack of a mecha suit, and even though Bolin covered them, Varrick still ran off. Bolin was forced to defend himself against multiple suits, but when he tried using his lavabending, the suits were prepared for it, nimbly evading the attacks. Since his lavabending was not really effective, he resorted to regular earthbending to knock suit down though was immediately forced to dodge a shot from another one. He came under the attack of three suits at once and could not do anything other than throw up a wall to cover behind. While the guards were distracted fighting the benders, Varrick, hiding in the checkpoint, had created an electromagnetic pulse-device from scrap and disabled all four suits. When he ran up to Bolin, telling him to get out of there, Bolin looked up and saw the prisoners losing their fight against the guards. He decided not to abandon them and created a pool of lava, forcing the guards back through the gate, effectively sealing their victory.[5]

Duel between the Beifong family and Kuvira's army

Combatants: Lin, Suyin, Wei and Wing, Kuvira, and several Earth Empire soldiers

Victor: None; interrupted by Toph

Kuvira versus Suyin

In a one-on-one battle with Suyin, Kuvira eventually managed to overpower her old mentor.

In an attempt to take out Kuvira, Lin, Suyin and the twins decided to fight Kuvira while they had the element of surprise. Trying to help out Opal and Bolin, who were in the town the cannon was targeting, they bent a fissure underneath the weapon, causing it to shift position, and partially miss the target. The soldiers started attacking, and Lin blocked a barrage of shots coming her way. She and Suyin were working together, Lin laying the shots up and Suyin using her considerable acrobatic prowess to launch them. Though outnumbered, the Beifong Clan had the upper hand against the soldiers on pure skill. The twins also did their part, forcing the soldiers apart by launching a massive rock their way. Ultimately though, Suyin covered her sister, cover that was reinforced by her sons.

Suyin peeked around the corner, seeing Kuvira standing on the cannon, and decided to fight her one on one. She launched herself and a rock onto the top of the cannon, but Kuvira was quick enough to roll out of its way. Suyin used her former protégée's tactics against her, pulling small metal plates from the floor of the cannon and launching them at her. Kuvira nimbly dodged them all, launching several at Suyin herself. In turn, the Beifong pulled a door off the cannon, spun it around in front of her to catch the plates, before folding it into armor. They exchanged several plates, each deflecting all of them. Kuvira launched a whole barrage of plates at her former mentor, but the latter pulled a piece off the rail, spinning it around herself, knocking all plates out of the way. She dropped it and pushed Kuvira aside with a cart, who could not do anything but launch it over the edge to stop herself from getting crushed. Kuvira deflected a few more plates, before turning her armband into a sword, which Suyin had trouble avoiding. She did manage to throw Kuvira off the cannon, but the latter used her sword to hold herself on the railing, and kicked Suyin aside. She grabbed the Beifong with a cable, slamming her against the cannon, and ultimately off the super weapon.

Beifongs versus Earth Empire soldiers

The Beifongs found themselves surrounded by Earth Empire soldiers.

Back on the ground, Suyin finds herself surrounded by four soldiers. Wing comes to his mother's aid, knocking them all down. He and launches himself and his mother back to Wei and Lin, who have covered themselves with a makeshift wall. The wall is breached, and Beifongs are surrounded by soldiers and mecha suits. Those are all knocked down by Toph, who came in to save her daughters and grandsons. Opal and Bolin fly in on Juicy, and they all jump on the beast, and fly away.[6]

Battle for the United Republic

Duel between Korra and Kuvira

Combatants: Korra and Kuvira

Victor: None; interrupted by the destruction of the suit

Korra fighting Kuvira

Korra and Kuvira were evenly matched during their fight in the giant mecha suit's cockpit.

After making her way to the cockpit of the giant mecha suit, Korra wasted no time knocking out the soldiers that helped Kuvira pilot the suit. Kuvira dodged a couple of fire blasts and pulled the liquid metal from the controllers of the suit, which had been rendered useless. She fired the liquid at Korra, but the Avatar blocked the attack and threw it right back, knocking Kuvira down. Korra deflected two metal strips thrown at her and Kuvira responded by pulling a piece out of the floor, but Korra quickly blasted it away with her airbending. Kuvira jumped down onto the platform and used its leveling capabilities against Korra to catapult her against the ceiling. The metalbender locked the Avatar in place and dragged her along the ceiling before slamming her into the control console. Korra got up again and quickly dodged Kuvira's attack.

Korra quickly countered with a combination of air and firebending, resulting in her knocking the Great Uniter back onto a console in the room. Korra rushed up to Kuvira, jumped, and wrapped her legs around the women's upper body and lurched her on to the platform. Korra quickly bent the floor beneath Kuvira, sending her into the air. Korra went in to strike with her airbending but Kuvira reacted just as quick and countered by launching a plate of metal. The resulting attacks struck each other, propelling Korra into the roof and Kuvira back down to the floor.

Before the fight could continue, the giant mecha suit suddenly exploded due to Mako tampering with the spirit vines in the core, resulting in a near death for the two women. Korra carried Kuvira out, having avoided injury while Kuvira's left side was injured. As Kuvira regained consciousness, Korra calmly ordered her to call off her army and surrender; however, Kuvira caught the Avatar by surprise and bent a chunk of rock at her, subsequently fleeing into the forest as Korra attempted to recover.[7]

Duel at the power core

Combatants: Mako, Bolin, and two Earth Empire soldiers

Victor: Mako and Bolin

Mako and Bolin versus two metalbenders

Mako and Bolin each took on a metalbender in order to secure the power core of Kuvira's enormous mecha suit.

The two brothers entered the room unnoticed after Bolin cut through the metal hatch with lavabending. Mako was quickly attacked by one of the guards and a long even duel occurred between the two.

Mako dodged many metal plates being launched at him by jumping onto the railings in the room and kicking a jet of fire at the man. The firebender eventually defeated his opponent by flipping him on to the floor, which knocked the man out cold.

Bolin tried to surprise his adversary, but was unable to land an attack due to his limited supply of bendable objects. He found himself trapped and unable to move from cover since the soldier fired metal plates continuously at him. Bolin used lavabending to cut a pipe next to his adversary, resulting in the man stumbling out from the steam, only to be charged at and shoulder barged by the earthbender, knocking him out.[7]

Duel at the cannon

Combatants: Lin Beifong and an Earth Empire soldier

Victor: Lin Beifong

Lin versus a metalbender

Lin fought a metalbender to give Suyin the opportunity to disable the spirit energy cannon.

The two sisters found the engine room and prepared to damage it, realizing there was a lot of metal to bend inside. Before they began, an Earth Empire soldier attacked them with small plates of metal. Lin decided to take the man on while Suyin started damaging the engine.

Lin faced the man, dodging his fluid attacks and counters with her metal cables and rough plates of metal compared to the soldiers small and slim plates. Suyin reached the cannon, removed the arming fuse, and destroyed it, resulting in a brief blast of purple spirit energy bursting into the arm. Shortly after, Lin disabled the man.

The sisters began ripping apart what was left of the inner workings of the arm, leaving it unusable for Kuvira. Realizing this, Kuvira tore off the arm with the cannon and threw it away, taking the pair out in the process, who only survived due to Lin instantly tying themselves to the inside of the arm so they would not be flung out the arm.[7]


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