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Korra and the Lieutenant

Korra fought the Lieutenant.

Duels are battles fought by at least two individuals and can be considered a form of recreation, a way of settling disputes, or a training tool for students who are developing skills in a particular fighting art. They may be friendly spars, fought to pass time, or in the most extreme cases, fought to the death. A variety of cultures practice dueling.

The following is a list of known duels that occurred in 170 AG.

Known duels

Duel between Korra and the Triple Threat Triad

Combatants: Korra and three members of the Triple Threat Triad

Victor: Korra

Korra vs Triple Threat Triad

Korra fought three members of the Triple Threat Triad.

When Korra first arrived in Republic City, she witnessed three members of the Triple Threat Triad abusing a phonograph vendor. The Avatar immediately challenged them, to which the mobsters laughed mockingly. The waterbending member quickly threw a stream of water at Korra, which she easily redirected. The gangster stumbled forward, allowing Korra to kick him into the front of his automobile. The ice around his head shattered, momentarily knocking him out. The earthbender attempted to attack Korra, but was catapulted into the air before he could even begin to fight. Hitting poles and tents on his way down, the earthbender fell to the ground, defeated. The third member, Two Toed Ping, began firebending at the Avatar, but she simply ran toward him, threw his fire aside, and grabbed his fists, tossing him through the glass window of a nearby store. The three members managed to pile into their Satomobile; Korra, however, crashed the vehicle with her earthbending as they tried to make their getaway, accidentally wrecking another shop.[1]

Duels during the Revelation rally

Duel between Amon and Lightning Bolt Zolt

Combatants: Amon and Lightning Bolt Zolt

Victor: Amon

Amon vs Lightning Bolt Zolt

Amon fought Lightning Bolt Zolt.

As part of his revelation assembly, Amon pledged to prove his power by removing the bending of several captives. These included the Triple Threat Triad leader Lightning Bolt Zolt, other members of the triad, and Bolin. After bringing him onto the stage, Amon released Zolt and gave him a chance to fight to keep his bending. Zolt attempted to defeat Amon with several blasts of fire and lightning, but the Equalist leader easily overpowered him while evading all of his attacks. Amon caught Zolt's arm to control his lightning and placed two fingers on his forehead, stripping him of his bending.[2]

Duel inside the rally building

Combatants: Korra, Mako, the doorman, and Equalists

Victor: Korra and Mako

Agile Korra

Korra fought the doorman.

During the rally, while Korra was creating a steam cloud as cover for Mako to rescue Bolin, the doorman confronted her and asked what she was doing. She tried to fool him by saying she was looking for the bathroom, but the doorman did not believe her. Taking out his wrench, he attacked the Avatar; however, she was able to avoid his attacks. The doorman hit the plumbing on the wall, providing the steam that Korra needed as cover. Using Mako's scarf, Korra bound his hands and threw him into the pipes, rendering the man unconscious. Meanwhile, on stage at the rally, Amon prepared to remove Bolin's bending abilities, but was interrupted when Korra filled the room with steam. Amon retreated, and an Equalist caught Bolin from behind, but Mako launched him into the air. Thanking Mako, Bolin and his brother ran off the stage.[2]

Duel outside the rally building

Combatants: Bolin, Mako, and the Lieutenant

Victor: None, intervened by Korra

Mako fighting the Lieutenant

Mako fought the Lieutenant.

As Mako and Bolin made their escape from the Equalist rally, they were attacked by the Lieutenant. While the brothers were making their way down a ladder, the Lieutenant electrified the ladder with his kali sticks, causing them to fall to the ground. The Equalist jumped down, but the pro-benders were able to evade him. Mako opened with a fire blast, but the Lieutenant evaded the attack, closing the distance and knocking the firebender down with two strikes and turned his attention to the earthbender. Bolin proceeded to launch an earth disk, but the Lieutenant easily evaded the attack and ran toward the earthbender, who created an earth wall in an attempt to protect himself. The Lieutenant jumped over the barrier and reached his opponent, electroshocking him until he lost consciousness. In retaliation, Mako attempted to knock the Lieutenant back with a fire kick, but after a brief scuffle, the nonbender jabbed him in the gut with one of his sticks and electrified him into unconsciousness, defeating the brothers.

Korra arrived on scene, however, and earthbent Amon's second-in-command into a wall as Naga ran by to scoop up the trio. More Equalists tried giving chase, but Amon stopped them, stating that the Avatar was the best person to spread word of his power.[2]

Duel at Aang Memorial Island

Combatants: Korra and Equalists

Victor: Equalists

Korra vs Equalists

Korra was surrounded by Equalists.

After a successful raid of an Equalist facility alongside Tarrlok's task force, Korra challenged Amon to a midnight duel at Aang Memorial Island. As midnight passed, she eventually gave up the wait, believing Amon had not accepted her challenge. As she was leaving, the Avatar was ambushed and soon found herself assaulted and dragged into the museum underneath Aang's statue. Inside the building, several Equalists surrounded Korra, who managed to fight some of them off with firebending and earthbending. Despite her efforts, she was soon overpowered by their numbers and immobilized by chi blocking. Korra soon regained consciousness as Amon emerged from the shadows. Before rendering her unconscious once again, he revealed that he had a plan that would eradicate the world of benders and was saving her for last.[3]

Duel between the White Falls Wolfbats and the Equalists

Combatants: Amon, Equalists, and the White Falls Wolfbats

Victor: Equalists and Amon

Amon vs Wolfbats

Amon fought Shaozu.

After the White Falls Wolfbats won the Pro-bending Tournament, undercover Equalists began revealing themselves in the audience, pulling electrified gloves out of their popcorn cartons and covering their faces with cloths baring the Equalist insignia. Amon appeared and, along with several other Equalists, approached the Wolfbats in the ring. Tahno and his teammates, confused, started to retreat, but after being forced to the other side of the field, the team decided to fight them. However, Amon dodged all of their attacks and the Equalists were able to seize them, allowing their leader to take their bending away despite Tahno pleading for mercy. Afterward, the Equalists tossed them in the water pit below the ring and Amon gave a speech about equality to the audience.[4]

Duel at the top of the Pro-bending Arena

Combatants: Korra, the Lieutenant, Lin Beifong, and Equalists

Victor: None

Main article: Attack on the Pro-bending Arena
Korra fighting Equalists

Korra firebent at two Equalists on top of the Pro-bending Arena.

Having successfully neutralized all security forces, Amon and the Equalists took over the Pro-bending Arena at the conclusion of the championship match. Once in the ring, Amon took away the bending of the White Falls Wolfbats and, after giving a speech about equality, he and his men attempted to make their escape through the glass ceiling of the arena via cables attached to their airship. After initially failing to catch up to the Equalists via a water cyclone with an insufficient amount of water, the Avatar was flung through the hole in the roof by Lin and was able to knock down the Lieutenant and several other Equalists. She launched a fire blast into the bay of the airship, narrowly missing Amon and taking out more Equalists.

An Equalist, who was swinging toward Korra, was tied up and slammed into the roof by Lin while two others slid down the cable and knocked Korra off her perch, although she managed to land safely on the roof. Lin lassoed the cables connected to the airship, but was stunned from behind by the Lieutenant's kali sticks. The other three Equalists rushed in to help the Lieutenant, but Korra came to Lin's aid by taking out one Equalist and blasting the other two Equalists and the Lieutenant away in quick succession, preventing the latter from landing a finishing blow on Lin. Korra and the Lieutenant faced off one-on-one; the two remaining Equalists attempted to join the fight, but were quickly immobilized by Lin's metal cables and catapulted away via metalbending.

Lin once again lassoed onto one of the airship's cables and began to reel herself upward. Korra managed to gradually gain the upper hand against the Lieutenant by avoiding his attacks, knocking away his kali sticks, and delivering an elbow to the face before finally knocking him off the roof with a powerful fire kick. The glass beneath her gave way immediately after, and Lin was forced to give up her pursuit in order to save Korra from falling to her likely demise.[4]

Duel at Dragon Flats borough

Combatants: Team Avatar and Equalists

Victor: Team Avatar

An Equalist on the car

Mako fought an Equalist on the car.

On patrol through the streets of Republic City, Team Avatar encountered four Equalists on motorcycles escorting a truck filled with escaped convicts. The group gave chase in Asami's car. As the Equalist convoy passed through the middle of the street, incoming traffic swerved to the sides of the road to avoid collision.

Tailing the chi blockers, Asami weaved through these wayward cars; a large truck, appearing from a side street, however, blocked their way. Earthbending a large ramp, Korra and Bolin sent the car careening through the air above to bypass the truck. At this point, Mako, utilizing lightning to strike one of the chi blockers' motorcycles, ensured the rider fell onto the road along with his motorcycle. Likewise, by earthbending fragments of stone from the surface of the road, Bolin punctured the back tire of another trailing motorcycle, causing the chi blocker to join his comrade. Promptly maneuvering, Asami dodged the fallen cyclist.

Using an apparatus on the back of their motorcycles, the remaining two chi blockers produced a smoke screen in front of Team Avatar. Asami attached her goggles to circumvent this and noticed the convoy turning to the right at a T-junction up ahead. At this high speed, Korra and Bolin had no choice but to earthbend a large, angled curve along the turn, forcing the car across the sharp corner before landing back onto the street to resume the chase. Asami accelerated to ram into the back of the remaining two motorcycles, flinging the riders into the air before they landed on top of the hood of the car.

Mako began firing at the Equalist on his side, however, his arms were immobilized by the other Equalist's bola. The first Equalist assaulted Bolin, striking the pressure points of his arm and knocking him back into his seat. Asami knocked out the offending chi blocker with her glove, causing the Equalist to collapse onto the back seat. Attempting to pull Mako out of his seat, the remaining Equalist was unsuccessful when Korra pulled Mako back down by the shoulders. The Equalist tripped into the car, where Asami promptly stunned him and Mako lifted him, unconscious. Asami pulled up along the side of the unguarded truck, allowing Mako to shoot lightning at the driver, rendering him unconscious and causing the now unmanned truck to swerve before it tumbled on its side, hitting a lamp post before sliding to a stop. Reporters were the first to appear on the scene as the team waited for the police to arrive.[5]

Duel at City Hall

Combatants: Korra and Tarrlok

Victor: Tarrlok

Tarrlok bloodbends

Tarrlok bloodbent Korra.

Because of Team Avatar's interference with Tarrlok cutting power to and installing a curfew on nonbending residents in the Dragon Flats Borough, everyone except Korra was arrested, which prompted the Avatar to promise her friends their release.

At night, Tarrlok was doing paperwork at City Hall, assisted by the council page. Korra broke in, entering through the window, and demanded Tarrlok release her friends and the unjustly detained nonbenders. Tarrlok dismissed the page and refused, revealing that the reason he arrested her friends was to force her to rejoin his task force. Korra refused to allow herself to be intimidated and Tarrlok pointed out that both of them were willing to go to extremes to get what they wanted. Korra denied the similarity and compared Tarrlok to Amon, prompting him to attack Korra with a stream of water. The Avatar dodged and counterattacked with earthbending and firebending, but the councilman created a water shield to counter the fire and unleashed a barrage of ice darts, created from his shield. The barrage left Korra unable to move freely or attack, forcing her to protect herself with an earth wall. The Avatar proceeded to flip the wall of Tarrlok's office, sending him into the council's meeting room. Korra leaped into the room and utilized earthbending to deprive him of any source of water. Korra taunted Tarrlok, believing him to be helpless without water, and rushed in to deliver a final blow with firebending, only for him to reveal himself to be a bloodbender by completely stopping Korra in her tracks and rendering her unconscious by throwing her against a wall. The councilman detained Korra in a police car, vowing to take her far away from Republic City, where she would never get in his way again. She was barely able to let out a breath of fire before Tarrlok shut the door and started driving toward his hideout.[5]

Duels at Tarrlok's mountain hideout

Duel between Tarrlok and the Equalists

Combatants: Amon, the Lieutenant, Tarrlok, and Equalists

Victor: Amon

Amon fighting Tarrlok

Amon fought Tarrlok.

Tarrlok, whose identity as a bloodbender had just been exposed, returned to his hideout and prepared to make his escape from Republic City with Korra as his hostage. He walked up the stairs from the basement where Korra was imprisoned only to find Amon, the Lieutenant, and three chi blockers before him. The Equalists slowly approached Tarrlok, who swiftly brought them to the ground with his bloodbending, but Amon remained standing using his own bloodbending abilities. Tarrlok intensified his bloodbending, which slowed down Amon for a bit but was ultimately ineffective. Amon swiftly immobilized Tarrlok, brought him to his knees, and removed his bending. Tarrlok let out a yell and collapsed, unconscious.[6]

Duel between Korra and the Equalists

Combatants: Amon, Korra, the Lieutenant, and Equalists

Victor: None

The Equalists watch Korra flee

Amon, the Lieutenant, and an Equalist watched Korra escape.

Having defeated Tarrlok, Amon proceeded to haul the former waterbender into his truck, but not before ordering his henchmen to capture Korra, warning them not to underestimate her. The Lieutenant electrocuted the cell with his kali sticks, but Korra managed to avoid the electricity by suspending herself in the air, using her insulating arm guard to secure herself against the grate on the ceiling. Once the cell was opened, the Avatar feigned unconsciousness before launching a blast of fire that knocked down the surprised Equalists. She dodged a bola that was aimed at her and unleashed a wave of earthbending, allowing her time to escape the building without pursuit. Once outside, she came face-to-face with Amon. Instead of engaging him directly, Korra opted to launch a barrage of icicles to block his path. Amon tried to intercept her, but nevertheless, the Avatar escaped by sliding down the mountain.[6]

Duels during the battle for Republic City

Duel at the top of City Hall

Combatants: Tenzin and Equalists

Victor: Tenzin

Tenzin airbending Equalists

Tenzin fought Equalists.

When Tenzin landed on the roof of City Hall on Oogi, he dismounted and walked around the dome, where several workers were cleaning the glass. The airbender walked a few steps further and paused upon hearing the buzz of electricity. He ducked in surprise as an electrified disk spiraled over his head; he spun in midair as another barely missed him. He landed on his feet as the glass cleaners, revealed to be Equalists, dropped to the ground and seized his wrists with bolas. Tenzin dodged their attacks and airbent himself high into the air with an air tornado. He used wind power to blast one Equalist into the wall and the two holding the bolas onto a nearby rooftop. He landed back on the ground as the door opened and the council page came out.[7]

Duel outside the police headquarters

Combatants: Metalbending officer, Saikhan, Song, Tenzin, Team Avatar, Equalists, and mecha tanks

Victor: Team Avatar and Tenzin

Tenzin attempting to save Saikhan

Tenzin tried to save Saikhan.

Tenzin led Saikhan and his fellow officers safely outside the police headquarters, utilizing an air dome to ward off nerve gas released into the premises by the Equalists. As they exited, they were confronted by six mecha tanks surrounding the entrance. The mecha tanks held up magnetic arms that attracted the metalbenders' police uniforms. Song and another metalbending officer were captured with this magnetism, as well as Saikhan whom Tenzin tried to save by pulling on him with an air current.

The three mecha tanks stowed the captured officers away in a truck. One mecha tank fired a pincer cable at Tenzin, but he airbent the cable down and continued attacking the mecha tank. Two other mecha tanks began firing cables at Tenzin, who once again deflected them with airbending. One charged toward him and fired a pincer cable as he jumped out of the way, knocking him against the wall of the police headquarters. Tenzin used an air wheel to soften his fall; he looked up to see the truck drive away with Saikhan and the other officers and a burning police airship falling out of sight behind a building as the telegraph operators were captured by Equalists on the steps. As the mecha tanks prepared to take an almost unconscious Tenzin captive, Asami drove around a corner and sped toward the scene. Bolin earthbent two ramps in front of the car and Team Avatar bailed out of the car before it drove off the ramps and knocked one mecha tank into another, destroying them.

Korra fighting mecha tank

Korra fought a mecha tank.

The other four mecha tanks closed in on Team Avatar. Mako, Bolin, and Korra took out one mecha tank with their bending. A mecha tank grabbed Mako with a cable and began to electrify him; however, the firebender grabbed the cable and redirected the electricity at the machine, which coursed through the tank as its lights went out and it slumped on itself. Korra ran across Bolin's ramp and bent water into the exhaust pipes of another mecha tank, which began malfunctioning as Bolin used earthbending to knock it over. Two Equalists carried Tenzin to a truck and set him down when Asami attacked one from behind; she subsequently out five more attacking chi blockers. Tenzin, having awoken, joined Mako, who was dodging a mecha tank's attacks. The Councilman positioned himself beneath the tank and airbent it high into the air, sending it flying into the dome of City Hall.

As the battle was being observed by Hiroshi Sato from above, Team Avatar and Tenzin took out the final mecha tank.

Duel at Air Temple Island

Combatants: Ikki, Jinora, the Lieutenant, Lin Beifong, Meelo, Equalists, and White Lotus sentries

Victor: Ikki, Jinora, Lin Beifong, Meelo, and White Lotus sentries

Lin fighting Equalists

Lin Beifong fought an Equalist.

While Tenzin and Team Avatar were fighting Equalist forces at the police station, Equalist airships approached Air Temple Island. One group of chi blockers engaged the White Lotus sentries, while the other group, led by the Lieutenant, moved ahead, only to come face-to-face with Lin. Despite being badly outnumbered, Lin managed to take out a large number of chi blockers, using a combination of metalbending cable attacks and earthbending rock pillars. The Lieutenant managed to gain the upper hand when her cables wrapped around his kali sticks, giving him the chance to stun her. He was about to deliver the knockout blow when Jinora came swooping in on her glider, landed, and used her staff to deliver a powerful gust that sent him flying into the distance. Ikki came charging in on an air scooter and managed to knock down a number of chi blockers. As Lin implored the two girls to run away, Meelo suddenly made a dramatic entrance, taking down several opponents with his trademark airbending-enhanced flatulence blasts and other more traditional air attacks. The defeated Equalists, with the exception of the Lieutenant, were tied up, and Lin ordered the White Lotus sentries to lock them up in the temple basement.[7]

Duel in the skies

Combatants: General Iroh and Equalist biplanes

Victor: General Iroh

After being freed by Naga from their prison cell at the Equalist airfield, General Iroh, Bolin, and Asami headed outside, toward the airstrips.

Iroh hijacking a plane

General Iroh fought a pilot.

Upon reaching the airstrips, General Iroh decided to go after a biplane that was preparing to take off, while Bolin and Asami stayed behind to destroy the airfield. Utilizing his firebending in a manner similar to jet-propulsion, the general managed to catch up to the moving biplane and hijack it, causing the Equalist pilot to bail out and deploy his parachute. Although Iroh found the biplane difficult to control at first, he eventually managed to catch up with the rest of the fleet and began attacking the other biplanes. Although he was doing well at first, his plane was destroyed when another biplane launched a bola at his engine, causing its blades to stop rotating. Iroh utilized his firebending once more to propel himself onto the wing of another biplane. Once on the wing, he launched another fire blast, which destroyed the engine of a biplane in front of him and proceeded to successfully hijack the plane he currently was on. His luck did not last very long, however, as his new biplane was attacked and damaged by another aircraft that had dropped a bomb on him from above. Before the attacking biplane had the chance to drop even more bombs, Iroh launched an upward firebending blast, causing the bombs to detonate in the attacking aircraft's bomb bay, effectively destroying it. Soon after this success, Iroh was forced to abandon his biplane, as it was headed straight for the statue of Avatar Aang on Aang Memorial Island. After Iroh jumped out and grabbed onto the Equalist banner hanging from the statue's staff, the plane he had stolen crashed into the statue's head, causing the giant Amon mask to fall off and Iroh thanked Aang for saving him.[8]

Duel at the airfield

Combatants: Asami, Bolin, Hiroshi Sato, Naga, and mecha tanks

Victor: Asami, Bolin, and Naga

While destroying the airstrips at Hiroshi's secret airfield, Bolin was approached by three mecha tanks, who proceeded to launch metal cables at him. Right before the metal cables struck the earthbender, however, Naga caught them in her mouth and used them to swing at and destroy the attacking mecha tanks.

Asami fighting with her father

Asami threw her father in the air.

Meanwhile, inside the airfield's hanger, Asami, while destroying grounded biplanes via a mecha tank, was confronted by her father, who was controlling another tank. After a brief conversation, Hiroshi lunged his mecha tank at Asami, who tried to launch two metal cables at her father's tank, but missed. Hiroshi rammed into his daughter, sending her and her mecha tank flying back; he approached Asami, whose mecha tank had fallen on its side, and began smashing the glass on the tank. Hiroshi told his daughter that he now realized there was no chance to "save" her, and he prepared to deliver the final blow. However, before he was able to land the attack, Hiroshi's mecha tank came under the attack of an enraged Bolin, who launched a barrage of earth chunks at him while riding on Naga. While her father was distracted, Asami leveled her mecha tank, grabbed Hiroshi's, ripped off one of the arms, and sent it flying back. She approached her father, who was still inside his destroyed tank; when her tank was within range, Hiroshi launched one final metal cable at her, but missed. Hiroshi subsequently attempted to escape on foot, but was captured when Asami used her mecha tank to fire an electrified bola at him, calling him a "horrible father".[8]

Duel at the Equalist victory rally

Combatants: Amon, Korra, the Lieutenant, Mako, and Tenzin

Victor: Korra, Mako, and Tenzin

Rescuing the airbender family

Korra and Mako rescued Tenzin and his family.

After finding out about Amon's past from Tarrlok in his prison on Air Temple Island and subsequently attempting to expose Amon as a waterbender, Korra and Mako infiltrated the rally to discover that Amon had Tenzin, Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo chained on stage and was prepared to remove their bending. Before Amon had the chance to do so, however, Mako fired a lightning bolt at him from the referee's platform in the arena. Amon dodged the attack, and Korra and Mako used their firebending to run across the arena's walls and jump on stage.

Once there, Mako launched an onslaught of fire blasts at the Equalists while Korra freed Tenzin, who sent a number of airbending blasts toward Amon, the Lieutenant, and another Equalist, eventually knocking them all off the stage. Meanwhile, Korra freed Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo from their chains and the group headed into the arena's corridors, where Tenzin took his children and went to find Pema and Rohan, who were being held in a prison somewhere in the building. Korra and Mako stayed behind in an attempt to create a diversion and ran into one of the arena's gyms.

Amon bloodbending Korra and Mako

Amon bloodbent Mako and Korra.

Amon soon entered the darkened gym and, through the use of his bloodbending, pulled Korra out from hiding and levitated her in the air. Immediately after, Mako revealed himself and attempted to attack Amon, but was quickly subdued by his bloodbending. Amon proceeded to remove Korra's bending, causing the Avatar to fall unconscious, at which point the Lieutenant confronted Amon, having seen the entire fight; he took off his mask and smashed it with his foot. Furious at Amon's treachery, the Lieutenant lunged himself at the Equalist leader, but failed to hit him, as he was quickly bloodbent in mid-air. After thanking the Lieutenant for his services, Amon tossed him into a pile of wood.

After dealing with the Lieutenant, Amon approached Mako, who was able to resist his bloodbending just enough to release a bolt of lightning at the bloodbender, sending him flying backward into a wall. Mako picked up Korra and ran back out into the hallway. When Korra began to wake up, however, Amon grabbed Mako with his bloodbending once more, and the Avatar fell to the ground. As the bloodbender approached Mako in the corridor, he admitted that he was impressed with the firebender's skill, and that it was almost a shame that he had to remove his bending.

Just as Amon was about to complete this act, however, Korra released an airbending punch, which sent Amon flying backward, effectively putting some distance between them. Both Korra and Amon were shocked at the revelation that she could airbend, and Amon tried one last time to take control of the Avatar with his bending, but she was able to break free of his bloodbending grip and blasted him out of a nearby window into Republic City's harbor.

Amon defeated by Korra

Amon was blasted out of a window by Korra.

Upon seeing their leader being thrown into the water, a number of Equalist supporters began calling Korra "evil", but promptly stopped when Amon raised himself onto a spinning column of water through the use of his waterbending. The Equalists were shocked to see that Amon was a waterbender, and that his scar was fake as it was washed away by the water. Realizing that his secret was out, Amon used his waterbending to rapidly flee the area by traveling through the water, avoiding Mako's firebending attacks from the arena window.[8]


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