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Druk is a dragon descending from the ancient firebending masters Ran and Shaw.[2][3][4] By 171 AG, Druk served as Lord Zuko's mount.[5]


In his 20s, Fire Lord Zuko found a juvenile dragon that he named Druk. Over the years, Druk grew up and became Zuko's loyal companion, and the two of them flew around the world together.[6]

Zuko traveled on Druk to Ming-Hua's prison after hearing about the waterbender's escape.[5] Alarmed to learn that Ming-Hua's associate, Zaheer, had recently gained airbending abilities, Zuko promptly departed on Druk to the Northern Water Tribe, where he and Tonraq informed Chiefs Desna and Eska about an impending attack on P'Li's prison in the western tundra.[7]

Soon after, Zuko mounted Druk to survey the North Pole for any signs of Zaheer and his company, whom they spotted approaching under the cover of a snowstorm. During the altercation that followed, Druk attempted to stop Ming-Hua and P'Li by attacking them with a fire blast. Despite the intensity of the attack, P'Li easily deflected the blast and fired a combustion beam straight toward Druk, who cried out in pain from the impact.[8]

Druk recovered, however, and was fit enough to fly his master and Tonraq toward the Misty Palms Oasis, where he waited outside the town walls after Zuko had gone inside, scaring some camels.[9]

While resting outside of the oasis, Druk was forced to fly away to avoid being crushed by a Ba Sing Se airship piloted by Mako, before taking refuge on the town's wall. As Team Avatar made its way to Zaofu, the dragon flew next to the airship and, after their arrival, was prepared by Zuko to fly back to the Fire Nation to protect Fire Lord Izumi.[10]


The Legend of Korra

Book Three: Change (易)


  • Druk is one of the only three known dragons left in the world, the other two being Ran and Shaw.[6]
  • Druk is the name for the "Thunder Dragon" of Bhutanese mythology, which serves as a national symbol of the Kingdom of Bhutan.


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