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The dragonfly bunny spirit is a chimerical creature from the Spirit World that resides in the Eastern Air Temple.[1]


After arriving at the Eastern Air Temple, Jinora was the only one capable of seeing the five dragonfly bunny spirits that resided there, enabling them all to play together. They grew fond of each other, and the young airbender named one of the spirits "Furry-Foot". When Tenzin arrived, beckoning for Jinora to come with him, a dragonfly bunny spirit appeared on his head, seemingly giving the master airbender bunny ears, prompting Jinora to laugh at her father.

Following another failed attempt by Tenzin and Avatar Korra to enter the Spirit World, the dragonfly bunny spirits appeared to Jinora once more, urging her to follow them into the wilderness. As they flew away, Jinora called for them to come back, catching the attention of Kya, who asked the young airbender whom she was chasing, as the waterbender could not see the spirits.

Dragonfly bunny spirits appear

Jinora summoned the dragonfly bunny spirits in the Eastern Air Temple.

After a third ineffective attempt by Tenzin to guide Korra into the Spirit World, Kya urged Jinora to reveal what she had realized was a connection to spirits. Reluctantly, Jinora admitted to being capable of seeing spirits, before urging the dragonfly bunny spirits to appear, much to everyone's amazement. Ikki and Meelo began to chase the spirits as they flew out of the hall of statues, while Bumi established an immediate connection with one of the spirits. He eventually named this spirit "Bum-Ju", as a shorter version of "Bumi Junior".

The dragonfly bunny spirits urged the group down into the wilderness once more, and Tenzin eventually conceded despite his reluctance to leave temple grounds, where spiritual energy was historically considered to be the strongest. The spirits led the group to an ancient airbender meditation circle in the middle of the wilderness. Tenzin began to perform a spiritual cleansing ceremony that was designed to strengthen the meditation circle's connection to the Spirit World, prompting the dragonfly bunny spirits to flee in the process, much to Bumi's dismay.[1]

Dark Furry-Foot

Furry-Foot, turned dark, aided Unalaq into coercing Korra to open the Northern spirit portal.

After she got separated from Korra in the Spirit World, Jinora asked for help, and Furry-Foot came to her aid. She greeted him and rubbed his belly, noting how much bigger he was in the Spirit World. When Jinora said she did not know how to find anything in the Spirit World, Furry-Foot took her to Wan Shi Tong's spirit library. Furry-Foot retreated to a safer distance from Wan Shi Tong when he aggressively told Jinora that she was not allowed in his library. When Wan Shi Tong returned with Unalaq, the negative energy turned Furry-Foot into a dark spirit, who held Jinora captive. Later, at the Tree of Time, dark Furry-Foot stood in Korra's way when she tried to reach Jinora. After Unalaq coerced Korra into opening the Northern spirit portal, Furry-Foot left with Jinora.[2]

Once Korra and Raava fused again after the fight with the Dark Avatar, Bum-Ju joined with a joyous Bumi again in the Spirit World. Bum-Ju remained with Bumi as Korra gave a speech to the Southern Water Tribe regarding their independence and her decision to keep the spirit portals open.[3]


The dragonfly bunny spirit is small and uniform in coloration, with distinct patch markings that vary with each spirit, but the specific fur color can differ between individuals.[1] Although most are similarly small in size, capable of sitting on someone's head without being a burden, the dragonfly bunny spirit is capable of growing large enough for a child of Jinora's size to ride on.[2]

A majority of the spirits have smooth fur, but this is not always the case, as a dragonfly bunny spirit can also have long, coarse fur with a tail that is considerably fluffier when compared to other spirits of the same species. It has two transparent wings on the top of its head, where the ears would typically be located.[1]


Bumi and dragonfly bunny spirits

While meditating, Bumi was surrounded by dragonfly bunny spirits.

Although they are friendly creatures, dragonfly bunny spirits do not appear to people unless they feel a strong spiritual connection with a particular person or are told to do so by a person they trust. They can quickly grow attached to someone. The spirits often travel in small groups and flee as a unit when they feel threatened.[1]


The dragonfly bunny spirit is a combination of both of its namesakes, bearing physical resemblances to both the dragonfly and the rabbit. Particularly, the wings of the dragonfly bunny spirit are similar to the transparent wings seen on dragonflies. Apart from that, it shares morphological similarities to the body of a rabbit.


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