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The dragon moose[1] is a chimerical animal used to pull carriages in the Fire Nation.[2]


The dragon moose is a quadruped with the approximate size and build of a moose. Its head is topped by a pair of long back-curving bifurcated horns and its neck and shoulders are covered by a dark mane. Its relation to a dragon is indicated by the resemblance of its ears to the wings of a bat, the long barbels at the corners of its mouth, and the row of dorsal spines extending from the nape of its neck to the tufted tip of its tail.


The dragon moose is based on the mythical dragon and the largest members of the deer family, known in America as moose. Apart from their size and long, heavy heads, moose are distinguished from other members of the deer family by the wide palmate antlers possessed by the males of the species. These antlers are shed and regrown annually.


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