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The Dragon Flats borough is a residential neighborhood in Republic City with a high population of nonbenders. It is the birthplace of automotive mogul Hiroshi Sato[1] and formerly the location of a training facility for Equalist chi blockers.[2]


In 170 AG, Councilman Tarrlok orchestrated a raid on an underground Equalist chi blocking training facility located in the Dragon Flats borough. According to his sources, there was a cellar underneath one of the borough's bookstores, where Equalists taught chi blocking to nonbenders in secrecy. Tarrlok stormed the underground cellar with a task force consisting of waterbenders, earthbenders, and Avatar Korra, and they successfully defeated and arrested the assembled criminals.[2]

Police violence

Metalbending officers arrested a large number of innocent nonbending residents of the Dragon Flats borough.

Following the implementation of a new law that imposed a curfew on nonbenders, residents of the Dragon Flats borough took to the streets in protest. Police units were called to the scene, described by the dispatcher as an assembly of armed Equalists to be handled with caution. Team Avatar responded to the call, only to find ordinary citizens barricaded in the streets. The officers demanded that the residents disperse and return to their homes, but they refused, insisting that the electricity in the borough be restored. Accusing the nonbenders of being affiliated with the Equalists, Tarrlok ordered the round-up and detainment of all civilians present. Team Avatar attempted to reason with the police force and release everyone, but they were all, with the exception of Korra, taken captive for interfering in police operations.[3]


Dragon Flats borough overview

The Dragon Flats borough is comprised of many similarly-structured buildings.

The majority of the structures in the Dragon Flats borough are low-rise, no more than two or three stories high. Most buildings share a common architectural style, consisting of a simple facade with windows, overhangs, balconies which face toward the street, and a flat roof. Certain houses, however, exhibit more temple-like features, including slanted roofs and curved eaves as opposed to flat ones. Most buildings are dark or dull in exterior coloration, following a color scheme based around gray. Interior coloration is generally more vibrant and often involves yellow paint. The front windows of houses are small and rectangular.

Many of the minor roadways in Dragon Flats are narrow with small sidewalks; traffic is often very light. Power lines typically hang above the roads. Some of the borough's buildings are separated by small alleys, though very few of these pathways have anything to feature. The Dragon Flats borough has larger streets as well; these avenues are more prone to traffic, and trucks use them as primary roadways.[2][3]


  • Shiro Shinobi warned everyone over the radio to watch their steps in this borough as it had been an active territory of the triads. He advised anyone who was not a bender or member of the police force to stay away.[4]
  • It seems that the Dragons Flats borough is primarily an area where the lower to middle-class nonbender citizens reside, portraying a segregation between benders and nonbenders similar to that of the racial divides in 1950s America.
  • The Dragon Flats borough is equivalent to Queens in New York City.[5]


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