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"Dragon Days" is a comic book that takes place in Book Three: Fire, originally released by Nickelodeon Comics Club magazine[1] and later released by Dark Horse Comics in The Lost Adventures.


Aang recounts to Zuko the day one hundred years earlier when he and Kuzon went looking for dragons.


While Aang and Zuko are practicing their firebending at the Western Air Temple, their reminiscence about the dragons Ran and Shaw brings Aang to recall a time one hundred years earlier when he and his friend, Kuzon, searched for dragons high in the mountains, as dragons were "shy". Aang told Appa to stay behind during his and Kuzon's fourth mountaintop trek, their previous three having been unsuccessful.

Kuzon and Aang watched the man retreat on a puma goat.

After some minor complications, the two boys heard someone speaking on the ledge above them. When they peeked over the cliff, they saw a man on a puma goat talking to an invisible being within a cave. Suddenly, the man ordered his steed to turn tail and jump down from the cliff. Kuzon wondered what the man had been running from when a green dragon suddenly flew from the cave and chased after the stranger.

Although his first instinct had been to make a rescue, Aang rethought this plan when he and Kuzon realized the man's objective had been to lure the mother dragon away from the nest while his friends retrieved the dragon's egg. Since they knew that ascending the cliff and confronting the thieves might be detrimental for the egg, they came up with an alternative plan in which Kuzon and Aang of them used their firebending and airbending respectively to simulate the appearance of the mother dragon's breath of fire and of the sound made by her wings, with Appa's roar having completed the ensemble. After a few moments of this charade without the men above leaving, Aang blew his airbending into Kuzon's firebending to create an explosion of fire that frightened away all of the thieves; Aang managed to capture the egg before they got away.

Aang found himself face-to-face with a green dragon.

The mother dragon returned to the scene with the stranger, still alive, hanging from her mouth to find Aang with the egg in his hand. The green dragon threw the man from her teeth and swung her tail at Aang at the same time, causing Aang to drop the egg. Through some swift footwork and using his airbending, he caught it just before it hit the ground. Despite the dragon's gratitude to Aang and Kuzon for the help, she became angered when Kuzon asked her for a ride, so the children left the mother with her egg and descended from the mountaintop.

Aang ends his story by commenting about how much has changed since those days. Upon Zuko's mention of the differences in their slang, Aang calls him "Sifu Hotman", much to Zuko's irritation.

Production notes


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Series continuity

  • The comic states that "Aang and Zuko practice some new moves taught to them by the firebending masters," alluding to the events of "The Firebending Masters". There are further references to that episode throughout the story.
  • Kuzon was the name that Aang took for himself during Team Avatar's journey through the Fire Nation, having first been mentioned in "The Blue Spirit".
    • Kuzon's slang terminology "flamin'", "hotman", and "flameo" are references to words that Aang used in "The Headband".


  • "Dragon Days" was already in production by January 2009.[1]


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