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The dove is a bird found extensively throughout the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation, most commonly near established settlements. Trained doves are often used for entertainment in theatrical performances.[1]


The dove is a stout-bodied bird with a relatively short neck and two short legs that perch toward its body upon flight or a prolonged state of dormancy. Its plumage is uniform in coloration and a bright shade of white. Like almost all other fauna belonging to the Aves class, the dove has a yellow beak.


The dove is able thrive in a variety of environments. It is known to live in wooded areas, such as the region surrounding Wulong Forest,[2] and can also sustain its needs in coastal habitats, as evidenced when several doves flew in close proximity to the shores of the western Earth Kingdom.[3] It is also comfortable in tropical climates, such as those found in the heart of the Fire Nation and on Ember Island.[4]

When trained and placed in captivity, a dove can serve as a theatrical addition to a variety of performances; doves were once used to accompany a display of firebending forms during a Fire Days Festival.[1]


In the real world, pigeons and doves constitute the bird family Columbidae. Doves in the Avatar World also partly resemble parakeets in terms of facial structure, and sparrows in terms of size.


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