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This doorman was an Equalist advocate who served as a security guard during the Revelation rally.[1]


In 170 AG, on the night of the Revelation rally, the doorman was assigned to ensure that every attendant of the rally had an invitation, which came in the form of a flyer. When Mako and Korra arrived, disguised as a couple, he halted them, stating that they were about to enter a private event and asked them for their invitations. When Korra stumbled, he looked suspiciously at the couple until Mako casually showed the flyer and asked if it were the invitation. The doorman took it and warmly welcomed them as his brother and sister.

The doorman was tossed around by Korra.

During the rally, immediately before Korra had planned to use waterbending to create a steam cloud as cover for Mako to rescue Bolin, the doorman confronted her and inquired her reason for being there. She attempted to fool him, claiming that she had been looking for the bathroom; however, the doorman did not believe her excuse. He subsequently took out his wrench and attacked her. Korra avoided his attacks and was able to use Mako's scarf to throw him into the pipes, rendering him unconscious, consequently causing the pipes to burst, thus filling the room with steam.[1]


The Legend of Korra

Book One: Air (气)

Book Two: Spirits (神靈)