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"Don't Blow It!" is a comic book that takes place in Book One: Water, originally released by Nickelodeon Comics Club magazine[1] and later released by Dark Horse Comics in The Lost Adventures.


What Aang considers a minor cold puts him and his friends into danger at every turn, but the Avatar does not wish to change his ways.


Aang sneezes and is thrusted off of Appa, but luckily a rope keeps him from falling down.

As Sokka awakens from his sleep, Katara, who is preparing breakfast, calls for Aang to wake up and eat. When Aang arrives from his jump off Appa, he is soon revealed to have a cold. His sneeze, compounded by his airbending, blows the cereal Katara was making for her brother, to which Sokka comments on how the cold is not as small as Aang had claimed.

While the gang flies through the sky on Appa, Sokka warns his friends that they should keep their eyes peeled for Fire Nation soldiers. Aang, now attached to the saddle by rope as a precautionary measure in the case that his sneeze forces him backward, shrugs off Katara's offer of a home-remedy that she thinks could cure his cold. Aang sneezes again mid-sentence and does exactly what Sokka predicted: flies from his seat and barrels through the air, with only the rope keeping him from blowing away.

A little after landing, Katara goes into detail about the medicine her mother had used on her as a child, but Aang declines in agreement with Sokka's recollection that the chest paste is gross. Despite his surety that the sickness will blow itself out like it did when the monks gave him no such pampering, Aang promptly sneezes so strongly that he is propelled with great speed into the sky from the campsite. A Fire Nation soldier spots him in the light of the setting sun and beckons his fellow men to attack. When Aang lands from his death-defying flight, he warns his friends that they must all leave, a message to which, after seeing the soldiers for themselves, Katara and Sokka quickly comply.

Aang is covered in blubber-berry paste to help with his sniffles.

Aang, blamed for their near-capture by the soldiers, is tied to a rock with the rope sometime after landing away from the enemies, having been stripped of his shirt and slathered in the blubber-berry paste which Katara had insisted he use earlier that day. Sokka, after having just commented on how he is lucky for never catching colds, sneezes himself and asks to use the medicine as well.

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  • This comic appeared in the second issue of Nickelodeon Comics Club magazine.[1]


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