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The dojo master was a secretive martial arts master who taught at a hidden dojo on an island near the Southern Air Temple during the late Hundred Year War.[1]


At some point during the last stage of the Great War, the dojo master trained a highly capable student named Taowu. However, Taowu saw his strength and growing martial arts abilities as a sign of superiority, and began to behave in a way that was unacceptable to the dojo master. The two split,[3] and the dojo master ultimately migrated to the Southern Archipelago. At the time, the local islanders suffered under repeated Fire Nation raids. When the civilians recognized that the stranger was a martial arts master, they requested aid. The master agreed to train the locals, demanding regular food supplies and no further questions on their past or identity in return. The master then set up a hidden dojo in the Patola Mountain Range, and began to take in students. Before long, however, the pupils split into rival factions, disagreeing on the best fighting techniques and the most powerful jings. The only student who attempted to overcome the infighting, Xin Ming, held little respect among her comrades and was thus ignored.

In winter 99 AG, the dojo master finally got fed up with the students' squabbles, kicked everyone out of the dojo, locked up the food store, and then broke the key. The master declared that only the strongest pupil could enter the dojo, and until then, no one would get food. The students immediately began to fight, with the key pieces being split among three main factions. One day later, however, Xin Ming encountered Team Avatar by chance; she asked them to help her to gather the key pieces.

Dojo master talks to Katara and Sokka

The dojo master revealed that they knew Aang's identity, and asked Katara and Sokka to continue their support for the Avatar.

After succeeding, Xin Ming and her allies entered the dojo where the master confronted the group. At first, it seemed as if the master was trying to block their way, as Xin Ming had only won the contest by involving outsiders. When Team Avatar defeated the master in a duel, the latter kindly stated that Xin Ming and her friends had won fairly and proven to be the strongest. When one other student protested, the master declared that the strongest was not the one who conquered all, but the one who unites them, and that Team Avatar and Xin Ming managed to defeat the others even though they were outnumbered. Soon after, as Team Avatar was preparing to leave, the master approached Katara and Sokka, asking the siblings to lend their strength to Aang and revealing that they knew the boy's identity as the Avatar.

Following Team Avatar's departure, the dojo master and Xin Ming discussed the dojo's development. Though new trainees were arriving and swelling their ranks, the students still focused more of fighting each other rather than the Fire Nation. The master asked Xin Ming on her opinion of how to solve this issue, whereupon she proposed inviting outsiders as challengers. These would combat the students for rewards; in this way, the dojo's members would train and also unite against a common foe. The dojo master considered this a good idea, and allowed Xin Ming to set the plan in motion.

Later, the first challengers arrived at the dojo, having heard of the strength of its members. The challengers would accompany Xin Ming and duel the different student groups, and then face the master. Afterwards, the foreigners would be rewarded with treasures belonging to the master's collection. When the challengers actually beat all dojo members, the students expressed frustration at their seeming lack of progress in strength. However, the master told the pupils that "you have only lost if you choose not to learn".[1]

Dojo master confronts Bronze Boar Tigers

The dojo master confronted the Bronze Boar Tigers.

Not long after the training tournament, the dojo master's past caught up with them as Taowu reappeared. He had founded his own dojo faction, a radical group called the "Bronze Boar Tigers", and challenged his former master. At one point, the dojo master confronted the Bronze Boar Tigers at a location in the mountains.[3]


The dojo master was a calm and secretive individual who showcased few emotions, to the extent that they seemed aloof. In truth, the dojo master was a jaded albeit caring person who valuable cooperation and their pupils, and tried to instill not just martial arts but also moral values through their teachings.[1]


The dojo master wielded a guan dao with great proficiency. They incorporated all jings in their fighting style, not just the three most commonly known ones.[1]


Avatar games[]


  • The clash between the dojo master and Taowu was inspired by the film series Kill Bill.[3]


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