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Dock/Xu/Bushi was a Fire Nation citizen who suffered from dissociative identity disorder, which split his personality between at least three different people. He lived in the small fishing village of Jang Hui, which was situated near a Fire Nation Army factory. This facility spilled harmful toxins into the river from which he drank, thus causing his mental dysfunction.[2] Despite his disorder, the man operated several businesses.


The villager's first personality, Dock, ferried people across the water and operated the docks, from which he stated he received his name. His second personality, Xu, whom he claimed to be his twin brother, operated the village's fish market. He claimed that he got the name Xu from operating the shop, though he did not understand why. He also introduced a third personality, whom he said was his brother Bushi. Each of his personalities were distinguished by the hat that they wore.

When Aang and his friends were preparing to clean the lake, they asked if Dock would like to help; he replied he would find his other brother Bushi, who he said loved cleaning rivers. He proceeded to change his hat right in front of Aang and his friends, though when Aang exclaimed to him that he had been caught, the villager became confused and said that he had no idea about what the Avatar was talking. Finally, he seemed to catch on and said that his brother Dock was crazy and pretended to be other people, but this only further infuriated Aang.

According to Dock, Xu was a real blabbermouth, while his third personality, Bushi, claimed that his brother Dock was crazy.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Three: Fire (火)



  • Aang later wore the same hat Xu wore as the shopkeeper to hide his arrow in the Fire Nation.[3]
  • In the end credits for "The Painted Lady", the name for Dock/Xu/Bushi was given as just Dock, as does his entry in Nickelodeon's old dedicated Avatar site.
  • The name Bushi is similar to the Chinese 不適, which means "unwell". This is a fitting reference to his being mentally unwell and is somewhat ironic given that he called his "brother" mentally unstable.
  • In the Finnish dub, Dock is named Kippari, which means "skipper" or "captain".


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