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Do was a firebender and a member of the Order of the White Lotus. He ran the cook staff at a food kitchen in Bin-Er during the early era of Yangchen.[1]


Do trained with Kavik several times during the latter's training with the White Lotus in Bin-Er. Once, he put a fire dagger to Kavik's throat as they sparred, close enough to leave a line of blisters.

The firebender came to see Ayunerak at the secret basement beneath Gidu Shrine outside the hours of his regularly scheduled visits, bringing news about her being able to return to the Northern Water Tribe. His footsteps thus raised Kavik's immediate suspicion, causing the young waterbender to launch water that he had pulled from the laundry towels at Do's feet, freezing his soles to the wooden planks. This, in turn, caused Do to pitch forward so violently he fell out of his boots, with him cursing Kavik's name on the way down. However, Ayunerak reacted with blinding speed, and unfroze the very water Kavik had used, sweeping it around in a lap and catching the laundry in a web of water, shoving it into a heap at the bottom of the stairs. Do landed in this, unharmed, but the firebender shouted at Kavik over the serious injuries he might have endured. Ayunerak shut down the argument between the two men, though she took the opportunity to inquire why Do had come. The firebender whispered in the Executor's ear to relay the lengthy message to her, before giving him a head shake to indicate he should leave. The firebender balked when he realized his superior's plans would not involve him, and gave Kavik a scowl as he tugged his boots back on. The young waterbender could not resist waving goodbye to Do as he left.[1]

Kavik came to see Do in Bin-Er four days after the raid on the Northern Air Temple, entering at a White Lotus tent at the outskirts of the city after exchanging the established passphrases. With Do qualified to speak and listen for Ayunerak in Bin-Er, Kavik reported the events of Zongdu Henshe's assassination, Thapa's jailbreak, and Zongdu Chaisee's plan to assassinate the world leaders at the Convocation of Taku. Do snorted when Kavik was done explaining, remarking that it was the result of the White Lotus letting "children sit at the big table". Kavik proceeded to explain Unanimity was gone, and gave Do Avatar Yangchen's message requesting help from the White Lotus in keeping the world leaders far away from Taku. Do pondered the situation, and noted that if it did not go as planned, Chaisee would suspect they were onto her and withdraw the combustionbender, leading the White Lotus to lose their chance at gaining control of him. Kavik was shocked that the White Lotus was willing to gamble with the fate of the four nations, but Do explained that war was a known quantity, unlike combustionbending. The firebender gave a calm and dispassionate speech on the White Lotus's ancient quest for balance, and how they were the only party who could be trusted with control of Unanimity. Kavik asked what would happen if everything went to pieces in Taku, and Do stated that the White Lotus watch the crisis unfold and adopt the best position to help the four nations in the aftermath, as they had always done. Do instructed Kavik not to leave Yangchen's side in Taku, as the White Lotus wanted to know about leads on Thapa via Kavik if she found them there. He ended the meeting saying that he would relay Yangchen's message to Ayunerak, but for Kavik not to expect a change in strategy, and told the waterbender to go back before the Avatar noticed he was gone.[2]

Do traveled to Taku in light of Unanimity's threat to the convocation. He, Kavik, and Ayunerak sat together by the booth of a dumpling house in the city when the Avatar's companion gave the White Lotus an update on recent events. Kavik explained that his brother Kalyaan had revealed that Chaisee knew Earth King Feishan was wandering the streets of the city in disguise. The young waterbender also gave a report on Yangchen and her companions visiting an island in the Mo Ce Sea where the initial experiments for Unanimity had taken place, revealing the evidence of torture they had found, and the testimony of a boy named Raitei who had been involved in the combustionbender project. He also told them of the boy's death in a scuffle with Yangchen's companions. Do rubbed his temples upon hearing this, berating Kavik for losing Raitei, who he considered to have been a priceless new asset. Kavik was taken aback that both Do and Ayunerak seemed to care more about a potential asset than the death of a child, asking if they wanted to stop Unanimity, or simply own it. Ayunerak stated that both were important, as the best outcome of the ordeal was it ending with a neutral, unbiased, and experienced party firmly in control. When Kavik snorted at this, Do noted that Kavik likely thought the Avatar would be a better choice. Do explained that no single human could ever be truly rational or detached, unlike the White Lotus, which was formless and unburdened by outside appearances. Do did add that their efforts to find Thapa were not bearing fruit, admitting that locating the combustionbender may come down to Kavik and Yangchen, but also stating that apprehending and keeping the combustionbender in custody were up to the White Lotus. Before the meeting ended, the group also agreed that they could not do anything about the Earth King, as Chaisee was likely waiting until the other world leaders arrived to cause maximum destruction.[3]

As the mission to take control of Unanimity continued, Do was one of seven White Lotus members who came to a small park in Taku in facing off against members of Zongdu Chaisee's errand-runner association. The order had started to focus on capturing Kalyaan over finding Thapa, as they knew how important he was to Chaisee's organization. Do readied a fire dagger as the two sides fanned around Kavik and Kalyaan.[4] The waterbender brothers tried to get to cover, with Kalyaan grabbing Kavik and shoving him down as the others fought. At the same time, Do and Tael started stalking one another through the struggle. The opponents came to grips inside each other's pocket, both becoming horrifically vulnerable to one another. A quick exchange of feints led to one of Do's limbs becoming trapped, and the fight was over before it properly started. Tael stabbed Do in the chest with his knife as the firebender slumped to his knees, his face white and his lips pressed together in a grimace. Tael kept the knife embedded in Do like a handle, and quickly clamped his other hand over Do's mouth and nose to suffocate him faster. Do locked eyes with Kavik as he lay dying, with his last act being to raise his fingers with a spiteful glare. He was able to firebend an orange jet that lanced outward and seared Kalyaan's arm, loosening the older waterbender's grip on Kavik and allowing the White Lotus member to stumble free. Do had thus given his life to the cause of his order.[5]

Physical description[]

Do had a chubby face.[1]


Kavik did not take Do particularly seriously at first, viewed him as simply smug for the most part. However, he came to notice that the firebender was truly devoted to his order. Do could go calm and still when explaining the importance of the White Lotus as an ancient organization, which he believed was fighting for balance by maintaining its grip on a few vital reins of power. This dispassionate side of Do was more frightening to Kavik. The waterbender came to believe Do was a sycophantic devotee of the White Lotus. Kavik could even feel Ayunerak's own voice in Do's as he gave his speech in the Bin-Er tent.[2][3]


A skilled firebender, Do preferred to use the heel of his hand as the source of his flame as he bent a fire dagger. This was different from many other practitioners of the technique, and allowed for a more forceful thrust of Do's bending. His variation of the technique allowed for the internal organs of his victim to be cooked more deeply.[4]


Chronicles of the Avatar[]

The Legacy of Yangchen[]

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  • 230. "Choosing Sides"


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