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"Divided We Fall" is a comic book that takes place in Book Two: Earth, originally released by Nickelodeon in a four-part series through the Book Two individual volumes and later released by Dark Horse Comics in The Lost Adventures.


When Team Avatar becomes separated in a sprawling jungle during a dangerous storm, each member must find one another with some help from the forest's far-flung inhabitants.


While traveling to Hiroku Canyon, In a storm riding Appa, Sokka recalls that Katara said the ride would be smooth sailing, only for Katara to point out that she is not a "weather oracle" and the storm came out of no where. Sokka asks Aang to bend the wind out of the way, which he already is. Toph and Sokka make some sarcastic remarks. Aang spots a tower in the distance that he hopes to employ as refuge from the storm that has suddenly begun. However, distracted by Momo nearly falling from Appa but is caught by Toph and by Katara, he does not realize that there is also a tornado coming toward the group. When Appa becomes caught up in the tornado, each group member falls to a different part of the jungle above which they were flying, except Aang, who uses his glider for a safe landing. While searching for his friends, the Avatar fends off a group of viper bats. Aang attempts to fight them off with airbending, but is quickly overtaken when he enters a cave that houses several other groups of viper bats. Aang decides to hide in a self-made cave out of earth until the colony passes.

Meanwhile, Katara and Sokka have landed together near a hut owned by several Earth Kingdom children. Infuriated that Sokka bounced off his hut, a young thief and his friends attempt to mug the duo of their money, until Katara fends them off with waterbending. Katara and Sokka run toward the river, where Katara confidently threatens the boys, urging them to return Sokka's belongings and to leave them alone. Frightened, they comply, before being swept away by a wave Katara creates. While Katara heals him, Sokka suggests that they head to the tower they spotted while still in flight, as it was the only landmark visible for miles. While climbing, Sokka brings up Momo and Toph's vulnerability, which Katara confidently dismisses.

Grandma Lokai offers Team Avatar beetle worm soup.

Toph, it turns out, is being housed by Grandma Lokai in the same tower her friends are pursuing, but is annoyed by the dress-up clothes that the woman has dressed her in. A mysterious earthbending man aids Katara and Sokka in reaching this same room where Toph resides. He introduces the two to Grandma Lokai, and the duo is happy to see that Toph is safe, along with Momo. The earthbending man, Onku, states that the trio will remain with Grandma Lokai forever, to which Aang, who has just arrived and misinterprets Onku's statement as one of imprisonment, angrily disagrees. He fights Onku with airbending until Katara stops him upon realization that the tower is an orphanage and that Onku and the band of thieves she encountered earlier are all orphans. Grandma Lokai apologizes for the misunderstanding, and Toph reveals that Appa is safe, lounging in the courtyard. The team decides to stay overnight, and Grandma Lokai offers everyone a bowl of beetle worm soup, to everyone's chagrin. 

Production notes


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  • In one of the panels, Appa is missing the horizontal stripes on his back.
  • Though the comic takes place in Book Two, the cover features Katara and Sokka in their Book One attire.
  • On page thirteen in the second panel, Sokka's neckband is missing.


  • The cover for Part 1 of "Divided We Fall" is a recolored version of Appa's Wild Ride, an Avatar trading card. However, there is one notable difference between the two versions: the trading card does not include Toph. It was released with the Book 1: Water, Volume 1 DVD[1] on January 31, 2006,[2] over three months before Toph would make her debut in "The Blind Bandit", lending reason as to why she was added only for the comic's cover.
    • Just as the trading card had been released with the first volume of Book One's DVD collection, so too was the comic that featured the same cover released with the first volume of Book Two's DVD collection.
  • The three panels used at the end of page four and the beginning of page five are the same illustrations with altered or removed dialogue.
  • The sign in the orphanage is the only place in the series canon where the Latin alphabet is used for writing.
  • The comic was produced by the same "editorial geeks" of Nick Magazine who produced many other Avatar comics, but unlike the other Nick Mag comics, it was never published in the actual periodical.[3]


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