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"Our breath gives life to our words as much as our actions. Let both matter."
— Disha's advice to Roku.[1]

Disha was a nun and airbending master from the Eastern Air Temple. She became the airbending instructor of Avatar Roku when he was in the process of mastering the four elements.[1]


While Disha was from the Eastern Air Temple, she left her life there to train Avatar Roku when he came to the Southern Air Temple. For the first few weeks after Roku came to the air temple, Disha refused to teach Roku any airbending. Instead, she took him on various relief missions, where the Avatar learned to how to mend, repair, cook, and clean, while distributing various supplies.

Roku ended up asking Disha about his lack of training during a humanitarian trip to an Earth Kingdom village that had been struck by a typhoon. Disha told him that he was not ready to airbend yet, as he was still thinking like a Fire National instead of an Avatar. She advised that going for a swim in the bay could be part of this process.[1]

Physical description[]

Disha was a short and slight older woman. Unlike most Air Nuns, she chose to keep her head completely bald instead of shaving only the front half.[1]


Disha was serious and wise. She was not didactic in her teaching, but rather had Roku learn through experience. She did not actively push back against him when he voiced his Fire Nation-influenced beliefs, but rather came back to him with critical questions to help him understand that the scope of his understanding about the world was still relatively limited.[1]


Chronicles of the Avatar[]


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Avatar's airbending master
66 BG - unknown
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