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The dealer was an untrustworthy rogue who ran a gambling shell game off the corner of a street. Using various tricks, he cheated unsuspecting Fire Nation citizens out of their money.


The dealer opened a small stand on the side of a street where people could win money if they correctly guessed the location of a small pebble as it got shuffled around through shells. He would hook participants into playing by adding two extra pebbles in the first round, thus ensuring the gambler would always win. After the same player agreed to play a second round with higher stakes, the con man would ensure his winning by passing all of the pebbles into his sleeve, thus making the participant always guess incorrectly.

Early in the summer of 100 AG, Toph and her friends arrived in Fire Fountain City. They observed streets filled with scammers, and among them was the dealer. Using her seismic sense, Toph noticed the dealer using his winning trick. Thinking that she could use her earthbending to win some money, Toph flaunted her blindness and the dealer allowed her to play, thinking it would be an easy win. Using his hook as usual, he placed a pebble under all of the rocks to ensure Toph would win, which she did. However, in the second game, when the dealer tried to switch out all of the pebbles to ensure he would win, Toph used her earthbending to bring one of them back. Toph subsequently "guessed" correctly and won forty silver pieces, to the dealer's surprise and disappointment.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Three: Fire (火)


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