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David William "Dave" Thomas is a Canadian-born comedian and actor best known for his work in SCTV and Grace Under Fire. He provided an additional voice in one episode of The Legend of Korra.

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Thomas is the eldest son of John and Moreen Thomas and the older brother of Canadian singer-songwriter Ian Thomas. Thomas is married to Kim Thomas and they have four children: two sons, Johnathan and Harrison, and two daughters, Emily and Charlie.


After starting his career as a copywriter at ad agency McCann Erickson in 1974 Thomas became the head writer of the Coca-Cola account in Canada within a year. After watching a Second City stage show in Toronto, and while suffering from self-proclaimed "boredom" in his advertising work, he auditioned for the Second City troupe and was chosen as a performer. Starting in 1993, he co-starred in ABC's Grace Under Fire with Brett Butler and Tom Poston and continued with the show for five seasons.

As of 2004, Thomas was on the official Advisory Committee for the Comedy program at Humber College, the only such diploma program in the world. Also in that year, Thomas and Rick Moranis reprised the voices of the McKenzie Brothers in Disney's animated feature Brother Bear. In his long career doing animation work, Thomas has provided voices for Animaniacs, Duckman, CatDog, The Adventures of Tarzan, Justice League of America, The Simpsons, and Family Guy.


  • 2003: Won a Chicago International Children's Film Festival Adult's Jury Award for Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon (Animated Television Production)
  • 1995: Won an Earle Grey Award
  • 1982: Won a Primetime Emmy Award for SCTV Network 90 (Outstanding Writing in a Variety or Music Program)
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