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Cranefish Town was a large industrial city established on the shores of the western Earth Kingdom after the Hundred Year War. Named for the cranefish that inhabit the area, it was originally comprised of just a single street with three shops that supported the Earthen Fire Refinery, but the city subsequently underwent rapid expansion as new factories and buildings were constructed. With no officially established government, the running of the city was overseen by the Cranefish Town Business Council comprised of a group of local factory owners.[1]

In the aftermath of the Harmony Restoration Movement, the city merged with Yu Dao and other former Fire Nation colonies to form the United Republic of Nations, with Cranefish Town, now known as Republic City, as its capital.[2][3]


As result of its rapid expansion, Cranefish Town came to be plagued by unemployment and poverty, especially after new technologies were introduced that resulted in many layoffs. Resentful and jobless benders consequently formed criminal gangs which robbed nonbenders, fomented unrest, and fought turf wars with each other.[1]

Notable figures


  • Sokka considered Cranefish Town to be "a terrible name".[1]
  • In "And the Winner Is...", a Cabbage Corp advertisement on the radio describes the company as "Republic City's trusted name in technology for over fifty years". This indicates that the evolution of Cranefish Town into Republic City occurred, to some extent, by 120 AG, a mere twenty years after the end of the Hundred Year War.[4]
  • The design of Cranefish Town on Team Avatar's first visit was intended to feel "like it had grown far too fast, without much concern for the people living in it".[5]


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