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The Cranefish Irregulars is something of a makeshift triad found in Old Cranefish Town.[1] It originally consisted of young students from the Raven Eagle Martial Arts Hall looking to protect the historic neighborhood from the intimidation tactics of developers. However, its name has been usurped by other local youths who now prowl the streets of the district and regularly demand payouts for their help.[2]


With many developers starting to move in on Old Cranefish Town, students of the Raven Eagle Martial Arts Hall decided they wanted to protect their school from any of their intimidation tactics. Umal, the granddaughter of the Hall's Sifu An Chodry, obtained a copy of the building's master key and opened it up for a protective vigil one night. She and the other students promised to protect the district from any miscreants they found wandering the streets.

The group successfully chased off a group of hired toughs who walked past the Hall, and that triumph emboldened the wayward students. When they heard rumors of developers muscling in on another local business, they repeated the vigil there. When word got out, youths from outside the Hall joined in, and the reputation of the Cranefish Irregulars grew.

Someone thanked the group with coins for the first time. Although it felt odd to the members of the group, they accepted the money, as they needed bandages, as well as cold drinks to celebrate. Soon, some Irregulars began regularly demanding payouts for their help. Umal vehemently disagreed and went to her grandmother for help, since taking money in exchange for protection was the work of triads.

The malcontents left the Raven Eagle Martial Arts Hall, but usurped the name of the Cranefish Irregulars in the district. Umal still wanted to put the group on a virtuous path, acting for the benefit of the district, but the promise of yuan was corrupting their ideals. She was unsure how to proceed, and was scared to alienate the former members of the Hall further.[2]


  • The Cranefish Irregulars seem to be inspired by Arthur Conan Doyle's Baker Street Irregulars, a group who appears in three Sherlock Holmes stories. They are a group of street urchins who Sherlock Holmes employs as an intelligence network, paying them a retainer as well as bonuses for information and the successful completion of assignments, such as tracking down individuals through London.