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The Council of Elders was a group consisting of the theocratic leaders of the Air Nomads. Each of the air temples had its own council of Head Abbots,[1] head monks or head nuns, their members being both the political and the religious authorities.

The Northern and Southern councils were composed of head monks, and the Eastern and Western councils were composed of head sisters, in accordance with the primary gender residing in each respective temple. The Southern Air Temple had five head monks.[2]


Members of the elder councils were master airbenders, with all having earned their tattoos and more before serving their people.[3] Elders had the political authority to instate rules that could affect the policy of the temple where they served, and could determine who was appropriate to speak for the temples on the international stage.[3] Members of the Council of Elders were the only ones allowed to enter the air sanctuary in each air temple other than the Avatar. They were also the ones responsible for identifying the Avatar when they were born into the Air Nomads.[2] Although the elders were often guided by a compassion and altruism, they could also be particularly set in their ways when it came to tradition.[3]

Notable members

Northern Council

Southern Council

Eastern Council

Western Council

Unknown Council


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