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This concerned evacuee was one of the people affected by Kuvira's invasion of the United Republic of Nations in 174 AG. He was in the Central City Station when the military of the Earth Empire cut the train tracks, leaving him and the rest of the evacuees trapped.[1]


In 174 AG, during Kuvira's attack on Republic City, this evacuee was among those trapped in Central City Station. He anxiously held an eye on the crumbling roof of the station, when Pema called for everybody's attention and asked them to calm down, as the train would be arriving to pick them up soon. However, the evacuee angrily lashed out and told her to tell the "mecha jerk" to calm down, as it was destroying the whole city. When the train captain and Tu informed the group that the train tracks had been cut and that Earth Empire soldiers were headed toward them, the evacuee declared that they were all going to die at the hands of Kuvira's mecha suits and grab his hair in despair. When Prince Wu urged everyone to remain calm while he would get some help, the concerned evacuee questioned why the royal was leaving, to which Wu reiterated that he was getting help, leaving Pema in charge.

The concerned evacuee was subsequently lulled into boredom by Pema who killed the time by singing Air Nomad songs. After she finished "The Hungry Little Lemur" and asked if they had another song, the concerned evacuee lashed out in annoyance, stating that they could not keep sitting around singing old Air Nomad songs until they were captured or worse. Before the situation could escalate, the evacuee was startled by the return of Wu and Tu with a pair of badgermoles, one of which sniffed the concerned evacuee, who tried to avoid the enormous snout by leaning away. The evacuee angrily demanded to know and was informed that the animals would earthbent a tunnel out of the city for them to safely escape Kuvira's troops. Although skeptical of the plan, he quickly got on board when a blast of spirit energy exploded near the station.

As he and the rest of the evacuees went down the tunnels created by the badgermoles, they were eventually discovered and stopped by three Earth Empire soldiers in mecha suits. The concerned evacuee watched as Prince Wu sang to the badgermoles, causing them to attack and defeat the soldiers, and subsequently celebrated their victory.[1]


The Legend of Korra

Book Four: Balance (平衡)


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