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Clem Robins is an American comic letterer who contributed his talents to the Avatar comic series.

Avatar: The Last Airbender credits[]

Comic letterer[]

Selected other credits[]

Comic writer[]

  • Batman Superband (1974)


  • JLA - Die neue Gerechtigkeitsliga Sonderband (1997)


  • Spider-Man: The Complete Clone Saga Epic (2010)
  • Wydanie Specjalne (1992)
  • Marvel Comics Presents (1988)

Cover artist[]

  • Classics Illustrated Study Guides (1997)


  • Avengers Academy: Arcade Death Game (2011)
  • Barb Wire Omnibus (2008)
  • Buffy/Angel (2000)
  • Batman Black and White (1996)
  • Black Panther: Panther's Prey (1991)
  • Cheval Noir (1989)
  • A Distant Soil (1983)


  • The DC Comics Encyclopedia (2004)

Biographical information[]

Personal life[]

After studying at the Art Students League of New York, Robins began his career as a comic book letterer in 1977. He currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio, with his wife Lisa. He teaches figure drawing and human anatomy at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.[2]


Since 1977, Clem Robins has been employed by numerous comic publishers. As a sort of side job, Robins also became a sketcher of TV courtroom drawings in 1982.[2]


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