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The City Hall is one of the oldest and most iconic buildings in downtown Republic City. The United Republic Council had its offices in the building,[1] but after the function's abolition, they were transformed to house the official seat of the president. In addition, it is as a venue for important public announcements, events, and gatherings.


City Hall

Before 171 AG, City Hall was not overgrown by spirit vines.

In 128 AG, Yakone, a prominent Republic City criminal, was once again put on trial, this time for employing the forbidden art of bloodbending on the citizens of Republic City during his criminal pursuits. His hearing was held at City Hall in the presence of the Avatar Aang, Chief Toph Beifong, and the United Republic Council with Sokka upholding the role as chairman. After Yakone was found guilty, he bloodbent all the attendees within the building's meeting room and escaped with ease.[2]

Shortly after arriving in the city, Korra made her maiden appearance to the population at large as the new Avatar and announced her stay in Republic City in front of City Hall.[3] Later, Councilman Tarrlok proposed the creation of a task force in order to fight the Equalists to the Council within the City Hall; the plan was accepted by each Council member except for Tenzin.

Decorated City Hall

City Hall was decorated with two large banners depicting Avatar Korra for a gala in her honor.

In order to subtly coerce Korra to join the task force, Tarrlok held a gala at City Hall in honor of the Avatar, a social event to which all the important public figures of Republic City were invited. Here, Korra was introduced to the Satos and once more to Chief Lin Beifong, who only told her that she did not deserve such a celebration, having done nothing worthy of it. Toward the end of the gala, Tarrlok intentionally exposed Korra to the press who barraged her with questions as to why she refused to join Tarrlok's task force and fight Amon. After a few feeble attempts to keep the reporters at bay, Korra broke under the media assault and announced that she would take her place among the fighters of the force if that was what the city needed her to do.[4]

Upon hearing Amon's warning of shutting down the Pro-bending Arena, the Council members met at City Hall and unanimously decided to heed his threat and close the arena to avoid facing "severe consequences". Not long after, Korra, Mako, and Bolin arrived at City Hall to protest against the Council's decision, along with Lin Beifong who arrived shortly after. With Lin taking full responsibility for the event and promising maximum security, the Council members voted in favor of keeping the arena open.[5]

At a Council meeting, Tarrlok proposed that a new law be created to outlaw membership or association with the Equalists and create a curfew for all nonbenders. Tenzin strongly opposed the proposal, but the other Council members voted in favor, thus creating the law. After Korra's friends were arrested by Tarrlok, she broke into his office at City Hall and confronted him. After a brief conversation, Tarrlok attacked Korra, prompting her to fight back. The conflict destroyed a large part of Tarrlok's office, and the battle continued in the main Council room, which was also heavily damaged. Tarrlok eventually prevailed using bloodbending and kidnapped the Avatar.[6]

Investigation at City Hall

The Republic City police conducted an investigation in the council room after a supposed Equalist attack.

The following day, Tarrlok attempted to cover up the evidence of his crime by planting Equalist equipment in the main Council room and claiming that the damage was from an Equalist attack aimed at kidnapping Korra. Later that day, Tenzin, Lin, Mako, Bolin, and Asami arrived at City Hall where they accused Tarrlok of kidnapping Korra. The councilman attempted to dismiss the accusations, however, the council page confirmed that he had bloodbent and kidnapped the Avatar. Before making a quick retreat, the councilman subdued the group using bloodbending.[2]

Before the Equalists began their attack on Republic City, they attempted to abduct each member of the United Republic Council. After Tenzin left Lin on Air Temple Island to watch over his family, he proceeded to head toward City Hall. Once there, he was ambushed on the building's roof by three Equalists posing as window washers, however, the airbender was able to defeat them after a brief confrontation. The council page told Tenzin that all of the other Council members had been abducted, and that the leadership of Republic City was in his hands. The two observed the city from the roof as enemy airships began invading and bombing the region.[7]

In 171 AG, Avatar Korra and Varrick had a formal meeting with President Raiko in City Hall, where they requested the Republic's intervention in the Water Tribe Civil War by urging the president to send the United Forces to support the South. Raiko asserted that the Republic could not be militarily involved in internal Water Tribe conflict and stressed that he could only help facilitate diplomatic relations between the two tribes.[8]

After Harmonic Convergence, the open spirit portals as well as the shift in the planet's energy caused the city to become overgrown with spirit vines. City Hall was not spared from this overgrowth, as a tree grew right through the building, destroying President Raiko's office in the process.[9]

Wu's coronation

Wu's coronation was held on the square in front of City Hall.

The day before Prince Wu's coronation in 174 AG, a podium was placed before City Hall, and the Metalbending Police helped prepare for the prince's coronation by erecting metal bleachers. The next day, ten minutes before the start of his ceremony, Wu paced through the hall of the building, anxiously awaiting the arrival of his royal cabinet. It was there that he learned that he would be crowned with an earring that had been promoted to be the Royal Brooch, as all other royal artifacts, like the crown, had been looted during the anarchy in the Earth Kingdom. The coronation took place under the watchful eye of all the world leaders as well as some gathered group of citizens and the press and they later all bore witness to Kuvira's declaration in which she denounced Wu's authority as Earth King and dissolved the Earth Kingdom in favor of the Earth Empire under her rule.[10]

Several weeks later, City Hall was the location where all the world leaders, save for the Water Tribes' representatives, gathered in order to discuss their course of action against Kuvira. President Raiko also later invited Asami Sato and Varrick to his quarters, where he tasked them to work together to find a defense against Kuvira's spirit vine-charged super weapon.[11]

Following Kuvira's assault on Republic City, the president's office was moved to a different location under Raiko's successor, President Zhu Li Moon.[12] City Hall began to embrace the vines as an attempt to keep Republic City working in conjunction with the spirits, instead of in opposition to them.[13]


City Hall is an imposing palace built in Aang Era-Earth Kingdom style: alabaster stone walls and regal golden hip-and-gable roofs.[14] The building is ornately decorated; notably, the exterior boasted intricate gold trimmings and an iconic green dome. The building's interior, in comparison, was relatively spacious and filled with extravagant decorations. Multiple beams and pillars were located close to the walls, supporting narrow walkways on the first floor. Leading to the main council room was a grand hallway. During formal occasions, a ballroom was used as a type of hosting place for formal dress parties, balls, and masquerades. There were other beautiful galleries available for the public, but the real operations of government took place in a maze of halls, agencies, Commissioners, and more: the hallmarks of a functional city government.[13]

Since its construction, City Hall has been "renovated", as a massive spirit vine tree erupted from the building's cellar, and outside of the building its branches reach skyward through the building's green jade central dome. Inside, trunks and vines pierce through the administrative and political offices, meeting rooms, and ballrooms, including the offices of both President Zhu Li Moon and Mayor Ailani.[14]


Tarrlok's office

Tarrlok's office featured a large waterfall depicting Tui and La behind his desk.

There were office spaces incorporated in the building on the fifth floor, and Tarrlok and Tenzin each had their own respective office inside City Hall. Tarrlok's office space contained his personal desk, which was placed in front of a large waterfall, behind which was a large carving of the Moon and Ocean Spirits, Tui and La.[6]

Tenzin's office was slightly smaller than Tarrlok's, but was more densely furnished. Tenzin had his own desk and kept a telephone and a device resembling an armillary sphere on it. Behind his desk was a large, circular bookcase filled with numerous books and scrolls. Tenzin's office was also decorated with a large rug, as well as two yin-yang scrolls and a bagua hanging.[2]

Other government agencies and officials had their own offices in City Hall. Each individual member of the Utilities Commission had their own personal office within City Hall. Commissioner Ke Xin kept detailed notes on water treatment facilities in his office, including details about the dispute between Wakkanai and Yinuo.[13]

Council room[]

City Hall interior

The council room is rather vast, with a U-shaped table where the United Republic Council members sat and several benches for public seating.

The Council room was one of the oldest rooms in City Hall and holds many precious memories in Republic City. Inside the room were large doors located behind the Council members' desks which bore the emblem of the United Republic of Nations.

The room was the meeting place for the United Republic Council, where they discussed the government of the city and occasionally held criminal trials. A large U-shaped table was situated in the front on a slightly raised platform, facing the open space of the room that is packed with wooden benches on which spectators could be seated. There are also numerous balconies overlooking the room from the upper floors, and located on one of the windows is a large, ten-sided insignia. After the dissolvement of the Council, the room was used by the president to hold his meetings. The semi-circular table was replaced with a large, rectangular one.[11]

President's office[]

Presidential quarters

A spirit vine tree was growing right through the presidential office.

The president's office was largely bronze in coloration, with ornate patterns adorning the room and some furniture pieces, such as the president's desk. Large windows and wall fixtures lined along one side of the room, while large bookshelves cover another. Red rugs covered specific areas of the floor, which was otherwise tiled. A small conference area was located in the middle of the room, decorated with a silver bust of Buttercup Raiko,[15] a small table, two chairs, and a bench for visitors to sit.[8] The office was rendered unusable after a tree grew through it as a result of the Unalaq Crisis,[9] though after a few reparations, the room was made usable once more.[11]


  • City Hall closely resembles the Reichstag, the meeting place of the German parliament in Berlin.
  • The insignia on one of the building's interior windows is in the same shape as the badge that every member of the Council and the Republic City Chief of Police wears.
  • The interior of the room where the Council met resembles the old meeting hall of the League of Nations which was created in 1919 as an international organization to prevent future world wars.
  • City Hall is packed with community representatives, lobbyists, triad representatives, and CEOs seeking audiences with the mayor, president, or other functionaries.[14]


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