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This article is about the phonograph vendor. For the abbot, see Shung.

Mr. Chung is a phonograph vendor in Republic City. His shop is located in an area of the city that is considered Triple Threat Triad "territory" and is often visited by the gang.[1]


Mr. Chung was part of the "protection" program that the Triple Threat Triad ran in his neighborhood. In order to avoid hostility, he needed to pay a "protection" fee.

Chung was harassed by the Triple Threat Triad after failing to pay his protection fee.

On Korra's first day in Republic City, Mr. Chung, while cleaning his phonographs, was interrupted by three Triple Threat Triad members: Two Toed Ping, Viper, and an earthbender. When they asked for their protection payment, Mr. Chung informed them that recent business had been slow and that he consequently could not pay, offering them a phonograph instead. Two Toed Ping promptly destroyed the device with firebending, with Viper claiming that he "[was] not a music lover". Though he was threatened by the group's leader for his failure to pay, Mr. Chung was put out of harm's way when Korra diverted the gang members' attention.[1]


The Legend of Korra

Book One: Air (气)


  • Mr. Chung was a victim of bending-based violence, lending credibility to what Amon persuaded his supporters to believe and oppose.


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