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Chow is an Earth Kingdom fruit merchant from the Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se. He is the brother of San and uncle of Mako and Bolin.[2]


In 171 AG, Mako and Bolin stumbled across Chow's fruit stand, unknowingly butting heads with his son Tu, who was watching the stand. Chow recognized the boys immediately as the sons of his brother San, and brought them back to his home to meet the rest of the family. It was here that he learned of his brother's death and explained the events that led San to move from Ba Sing Se to Republic City. The family reacted in shock when the boys explained that they had journeyed to Ba Sing Se with Avatar Korra in search of airbenders. Chow explained that, a week prior, the Dai Li abducted one of their neighbors who started airbending.[2]

The next day, as Mako and Bolin prepared to return to Ba Sing Se's Upper Ring, Chow joined in on a group hug with the rest of his family just before the brothers left.[3] Sometime later, Chow was sitting in the living room of his mother's house along with the rest of their family and was shocked to hear of the fall of the Earth Queen over the radio.[4]

As Ba Sing Se was slowly being consumed by flames, Chow and the rest of his family tried to convince Yin to leave their family home, though without success. He was surprised to find Bolin climbing in through the window and asked what he was doing there. As Bolin announced that there was an airship on the roof to evacuate them to safety, Chow tried once more to convince his mother to leave with them, but was promptly shot down. However, after Bolin picked Yin up and carried her out, Chow followed suit.

Their search for Korra brought them all to the Misty Palms Oasis, where Chow was asked by a shocked Yin why Bolin was hugging and kissing a "big rat", referring to Pabu. When Naga approached to greet Mako, he was quick to lead his mother to safety, preventing her from being trampled by the excited polar bear dog.[5]


Chow Jr.


The Legend of Korra

Book Three: Change (易)


  • Chow is the third known person to have a child named directly after them, the first being Chan and the second being Baatar.


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