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Chit Sang's friend was a prisoner at the Boiling Rock and Chit Sang's "best buddy". He accompanied Chit Sang in his first, unsuccessful attempt to escape the prison.[1]


Chit Sang's friend attempted to escape from the Boiling Rock with Chit Sang and his girlfriend. They escaped the island by using a cooler as a boat, but while Chit Sang was rowing them away he burned his hand in the scalding water and cried out in pain allowing the guards to locate them and causing the trio to be recaptured.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Three: Fire (火)


  • He had no lines in the series.
  • Though Chit Sang eventually escaped the prison, his friend and girlfriend did not come with him.
  • Chit Sang referred to him as his "best buddy".


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