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Chit Sang was an inmate at the Boiling Rock prison in the Fire Nation. He claimed that he was falsely accused of the crime for which he was convicted and maintained his innocence.[2] He was rebellious in nature, displaying "unruly behavior" according to the prison guards and was frequently picked on by them. When Sokka and Prince Zuko broke into the prison, they formed an alliance with Chit Sang, and with the help of Suki, they escaped.


Prison life

In the summer of 100 AG, Chit Sang was scolded by a guard for not bowing down as the guard walked by. While Chit Sang attempted to peacefully go back to his cell, the guard deliberately provoked a response by attacking him with a fire whip, forcing him to defend himself using firebending. He was taken to the cooler for breaking prison rules, which stated firebending was forbidden. While in the cooler, Chit Sang was visited by the warden, who had apparently heard that Chit Sang had tried to use firebending to escape. The warden reminded him that no person had ever escaped from the Boiling Rock and stated that he would rather jump in the boiling lake than have that record be broken.[1]

Later on, Chit Sang overheard Sokka, Zuko, and Suki hatching an escape plan. He demanded to get in on it, threatening to expose the plot to the guards. Sokka reluctantly agreed, and the four of them began planning. The plan would involve completely unbolting one of the coolers and using it as a boat to get across the boiling lake. Chit Sang and Zuko decided to stage a fight with firebending, so Zuko could get inside the cooler.[1]

Chit Sang at first tried to escape in a cooler.

When the plan came together, Chit Sang showed up at the cooler with his girlfriend and best friend. Sokka, Suki, and Zuko decided to stay behind, on the off chance that an approaching gondola might have Sokka's father on it. Chit Sang and his companions went on;[3] however, luck was not on their side. Frustrated by the heat and slow current, the former prisoner pulled off a piece of the metal siding, intending to use it as a paddle. When he stuck the paddle in the water, some of the superheated lake water splashed his hand, causing him to cry out in pain. This alerted the warden of his escape attempt, and he and his friends were apprehended and re-imprisoned.[1]

Knowing that Chit Sang was not intelligent enough to come up with this plan on his own, the warden had him interrogated to find out who was. After torture by being suspended upside down until blood rushed to his head, Chit Sang revealed that it was a man disguised as a guard that came up with the plan. When the warden lined up several guards, including Sokka, Chit Sang identified the guard who had harassed him earlier, proving his earlier claim under torture that he was not a snitch and also getting revenge at the same time. The warden was willing to believe Chit Sang's lie, seeing how convenient it was that the guard had put him in the very cooler that Chit Sang had used to try and escape.[1]

Escape from the Boiling Rock

Chit Sang began the second escape attempt by causing a massive riot.

Chit Sang was later released to the prison courtyard along with all the other inmates where he sought out Sokka, Suki, and Hakoda. He told Sokka he knew they were planning another escape attempt and wanted to be part of it as Sokka owed him one for not ratting him out to the warden. After Hakoda failed to start a prison riot as part of their escape attempt, Chit Sang succeeded by simply picking up a smaller prisoner and shouting "Hey! Riot!" to the crowd in the courtyard. This instantly prompted an upheaval as the prisoners started fighting and firebending at each other, a feat Hakoda commented was impressive.[1]

Amidst the ongoing riot, Suki managed to capture the warden, bound and gagged, whom Chit Sang carried as a hostage while he and the other escapees made their way to the prison's gondola. Despite resistance from the prison's guards and interference from Princess Azula and Ty Lee, nearly resulting in a plunge to the boiling waters below, Chit Sang and the others survived the trip on the gondola and escaped the island via Azula's airship, which was present upon Azula's visit to the prison. That night, the group arrived at the Western Air Temple, where Chit Sang introduced himself to and briefly joined the Avatar's group.[1]


When the Western Air Temple was bombarded by Azula and her fleet, Chit Sang escaped with Hakoda, Teo, The Duke, and Haru on the captured airship.[4]


"You didn't bow down when I walked by, Chit Sang! [...]"
"Make me.
―Chit Sang refusing to bow to the bully guard.[3]

Chit Sang often claimed that he was innocent, regardless of whether he was guilty or not.

Chit Sang was a stubborn and selfish man, usually doing things for his own personal gain, even if others advised him against doing this. However, he also showed signs of gratitude and cooperativeness, as well as trustworthiness in the case of him not revealing Sokka and Zuko as impostors even under coercion. His selfishness and stubborn attitude was first revealed when he insisted on trying to escape even after the first plan to escape the Boiling Rock was postponed. Due to Chit Sang's impatience, the plan failed and he was imprisoned once again.[3]

Realizing he was wrong to disregard the advice of Sokka, he decided to help out with the next escape plan, which succeeded due to the cooperation of the team, allowing all five inmates to escape. Although his attitude and selfishness seemed to have changed due to his failure, a shred of selfishness could be seen as still remaining as evidenced by the fact that he decided to leave his best friend and girlfriend out of the next escape plan.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Three: Fire (火)


  • Chit Sang was the second adult member of Team Avatar, after Hakoda.
  • Chit Sang was named after the father of May Chan, the writer of "The Boiling Rock, Part 1".[5]
  • Apparently, Chit Sang had no qualms about staying with Team Avatar, despite being a Fire Nation civilian.
  • Chit Sang was the first known firebender of Fire Nation descent to not have amber eyes.


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